Safer Bet?

In today’s age where everything goes, it’s often a safer bet to go along with the crowd. You may easily lose popularity or be categorized as backwards if you choose to stand up for what is right. Or like in Pilate’s case, you might stand to lose a lot more.

Lord, it’s clear you really want me to get this lesson – it’s what stood out for me yesterday as well! Please give me the courage to stand up for what is right, regardless of personal cost. AMEN


4 responses to “Safer Bet?

  1. Many people are concerned about how they are perceived or the image they portray to their peers and the general public.Perhaps it a human tendency of wanting to belong or be accepted?

    However, I think that I should be concerned about what God wants me to do in a given situation. Human beings seem to always have something to say concerning every situation. Therefore , either way, something will be said. I would not give ‘the sayers’ much importance. Just pray about the dilemma and do what you have to do. You will be judged by your own conscience.

  2. hey.
    this is a very serious problem, especially amongst us youth- knowing the right way forward, yet choosing the wrong path, which appears ‘sweeter’.
    In the long term, however, there is much regret and the much cliche’d, ‘i wish i knew’.
    however hard it may be,it is important to stand for what you believe, it only starts with one try…and much more happiness and satisfaction will be achieved, especially in the long term.

  3. hi family. I now can see ‘fearless influencing’ in its context since that’s what Jesus was all about. He didn’t change his stand even when his closest friends deserted & denied him, or when presented to the big shots and crowds were scheming to have authorities approve his execution. He stood his ground even when faced by the same pple he had taught & who witnessed his miracles. How lonely and hurtful this must have been! he was human so we know he felt the full experience.

    Dear God teach me to be confident about my stand and influence as you call me to even when I have to stand on my own. But God please send me help to encourage me at these times. You are my strength when I am week. In Jesus name I ask, Amen

  4. My problem with this “Safer Bet” is that I’m like a wolf. I move in packs. So whenever an opportunity comes about to fearlessly influence, I look for my pack to come along for the ride. Of course they never by the vision, because the vision is MINE. Or they slow me down… either way, sina msimamo. I need to break out of this cycle.

    Lord help me.

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