The Cost Of Fearless Influence

When a person decides to fearlessly influence society, then he/she will inevitably threaten established forces-that-be that benefit from the status quo. Such forces will do everything in their power to isolate and keep them down. For example, many in our nation who’ve sought to stand against grand corruption have met such a response. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that our current national crisis may be one such situation.

Jesus encountered this in John 18. But despite the incredible opposition he faced from his own people and the personal cost to himself, he would not back down. His mission was to fearlessly influence society no matter the cost.

Lord, you have called me to raise an army of fearless influencers. Grant me and them the courage to pursue your calling despite whatever opposition we encounter, and regardless of the cost to ourselves. And remind me often that it’s not about being popular or liked but about being on the side of the truth. I also pray for the current crisis in our nation. Please grant that the truth will prevail, regardless of the forces that stand against it. Expose those who hide their evil deeds behind politics and bless this our land and nation. AMEN


5 responses to “The Cost Of Fearless Influence

  1. Hi Pastor M

    I thank God for Mavuo and what you’re doing. However i have some issues with praise and worship.

    God delivered me from disco lifestyle and I m a so grateful to Him. I heard alot about mavuno but when i visited o 1st January the tune on some of your songs disappointed me. This is because they remind me of my former lifestyle and i have always thought church to be different. You might argue the devil has nothing but God has called us to love one another. If you are doing something that could make another brother to stumble i believe there’s no love. I am not happy dancing to those tunes anymore and church is the last place that should remind someone of the old life. I beleive we are called to be different, to be renewd transformed into something new. I feel there is compromise in the worship.
    I pray that you will care about weak christians.

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  2. Hey maria.funny,my friend and i were discussing the same thing and she’s of the same school of thought as you are.I,on the other hand have no issues with it.In the US,similar arguments concerning preferences in worship are so bad that they are called ‘worship wars’ -how two cents is that it’s the heart behind the worshipper that matters most.however, for the sake of those whose faith is challenged by the adoption of secular tunes,perhaps it’s good to rethink the whole issue.some suggestions include writing our own songs, or borrowing from other christian musicians e.g casting crowns, third day, jars of clay instead of Bon jovi:) i know it’s a shirt issue instead of a house in the flood valley issue,but for the sake of those affected, please could we change? Sorry for hijacking the blog pastor M. You and your team are doing a fantastic job and i pray for you all constantly.For how much God has used you to change my life,i’m forever grateful.

  3. Hey maria. I am with you on this one. Unfortunately, by the time the bible was written, there was no ‘problem’ of singing secular music in church – so it is unlikely to get a verse like: “Thou shalt not sing secular music in church”. However, I do believe that the philosophy, intentions and spirit behind the biblical writings would not make secular music acceptable in church. Furthermore, there is enough creativity in church for Mavuno to go and fish in the world for ‘good’ songs! C’mon! We can do better that that! One thing we must all bear in mind – when Lucifer was created, it was for a sole reason and 1 purpose only: to make music. The dude is good at that, to date. Be careful! Be veeeery careful unless you are certain of what he does to his music before its delivered to our doorsteps for consumption.

  4. The famous issue of worship on reclaimed disco tunes.. It would be interesting to see if Mavuno will change its stand. the other day I heard Heather Headly on air having cleaned up her older releases and must say I found that refreshing. so its also happening with born again artists

    Today’s reading. I notice that Jesus knew all what must happen to him even before events started to unfold 18:4. He had the power to harm his captors seeing by the miracles he had performed. Yet he had surrendered all his will and capabilities so that God’s will could be done. Knowing the kind of death he would suffer his surrender amazes me. I wonder if I can cooperate if I knew that I needed to suffer first before God’s will could come to pass. I would probably put up a fight like Peter or run away like the other disciplines.

    Dear God please teach me how to cooperate to have yr will unfold in my life even when it requires a painful process. Papa pls give me strength & comfort me when I cry & pour out my heart in yr presence. Teach me not to complain, resist or run away from the process. In Jesus name. Amen

  5. Hi Pastor M. I attended the teenskonnekt concert on Sunday and i must say i was very disappointed. i believe Mavuno is about supporting the young people but how do we pray for God to konnect with those kids yet there is no support from the church at large.still i heard that someone sabotaged the concert how true this is i don’t know but Pr. M, i think we should get more involved with teens konnect they are our future.

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