Staying Connected: Week Seven

We’re almost done reading devotionally through the book of John! We actually finish next week. I’ve really appreciated all of you that have travelled this journey with me. Hope it’s been as beneficial to you as it has been to me!

This last week, we learnt how God wants us to live effective lives that have ultimate meaning. We learnt that if you are pursuing a significant God-purpose, you should expect opposition. We learnt about the Guiding Spirit of Jesus who leads us 24/7 if we stay connected with Him. And I learnt that being a Christ follower doesn’t exempt me from trouble but even in trouble, I am assured of His victory, because as I pray in His name, I receive impossible answers to my prayers. Good stuff!

Here are this week’s readings…

MON 18:1-14
TUE 8:15-40
WED 19:1-16
FRI 19:28-42
SAT 20:1-18


2 responses to “Staying Connected: Week Seven

  1. Oh no! Am getting seperation anxiety already perhaps we can make this into a habit and begin another book, I get value sharing thew readings with others…. Pst M can we?
    Baraka Tele!

  2. Week 6. Awesome! This is becoming a habit and can understand why Gogetter doesn’t want it to end! Tuendelee mbele

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