Ever wonder why Christ followers still seem to have their fair share of troubles and problems?

Interestingly, Jesus never promised those who follow him a trouble-free life, contrary to what many preach today. Instead, he actually said that they would face some extra problems simply because they were now his followers (John 16:33). What he did promise was peace and complete access to God, even in their times of trouble, and the eventual assurance of victory. The difference when you become a Christ follower is not whether you will face trouble but with whom you will face it! And that’s a world of a difference.

Speaking of access to God, one of my life lessons has been leaning to ask God for things ‘in Jesus’ name’. This does not mean tacking a formula at the end of my prayers… but getting to know Jesus so well that my driving desire is to bring credit to him in every situation I face. So my prayers are no longer about me but what God desires for me. Praying in Jesus’ name is praying for with authority for what I know to be his will to happen. When my will agrees with God’s will for me… the impossible becomes possible!

Lord, help me to so know your purpose for me that I will receive impossible answers to prayer! And through whatever challenges I face today, help me to be encouraged, to have total peace; to tap into the full access I have with God and to rejoice because my victory is inevitable! AMEN


4 responses to “Impossible?

  1. This stands out
    “not whether you will face trouble but with whom you will face it”
    That sums it up for me.

  2. Hi all,
    Jn 18:1-24 here is what stood out for me.

    What stands out for me is the confidence of Jesus in his hour of suffering. He was every bit human just like me but even when things got thick He did not falter. I think this stands out because I was in a situation with a client when I was wronged and I got scared by the outcome. Yet look at the example of Jesus; nothing is too big because He knew he had the backing of His Father.
    Lord help me know that you are near and on my side

    PS: Spot on Pst M! Jana was really awesome!

  3. I find it hard to blog today but I will do it anyway to fulfil a commitment I made.

    I notice that the time had now come. We have read severally where the people who were plotting to lay hands on Jesus were not able to since the time had not come. I notice that God has a plan and wants events to unfold in their proper time. Christ co-operated to accomplish the work given in its proper time.

    Jesus is leaving us behind and that concerns him deeply that he asks God to protect us from the evil one. What a mysterious explanation of unity – “may they be one, just as father you are in me and I in you. May they also be in us”

    Dear God may I learn to co-operate with you and be patient enough to see things unfold/come together in your time. Thank you for the wonderful gift of protection as I believe in your beloved son Jesus. May I always remember to thank you when this protection is manifested. May I never be one to cause strife and disunity within your body; the Church. In Jesus Name. Amen

  4. I think it is quite reassuring to know that when you are with Christ, you do not face the problems alone. It’s important to be in contact with Him always, and to commune with other Christians regularly in order to stay focused on His word and promises there in.

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