Guiding Spirit

If Jesus is God localized in human form to model to us how to live and to take up the consequences of our sin, then the Holy Spirit is God in the form of ever-present guiding Spirit, who takes up residence with every person that allows Him to. His role is to help people see their true condition and need for God, and to guide Christ followers into all truth. We can only discover and live out our God-purpose with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Lord, thanks for the gift of the Holy Spirit. I literally have you guiding me 24/7 as I stay connected – what a humongous resource for me! Because of you guiding Spirit, I have grace, favor and authority beyond what my age and skills qualify me for. Thanks for your leadership to date – I’d be nothing without it. I submit myself to you again today and ask that you will give me tremendous wisdom and insight through every challenge I meet and every situation I come across. I’ll be sure to thank you for it. AMEN


6 responses to “Guiding Spirit

  1. @ Pst M, your reflection totally silences me. This week has especially been difficult for me being at that point where nothing is working. But just seeing how Jesus goes through a difficult life with total confidence not only challenges me but moves me to pray a prayer like the one you prayed today… because of your guiding Spirit I am not consumed by all that is around me, Because of your guiding Spirit I know no matter how hard things are I have a hope that is certain.

    Lord Jesus help me know that your promise to me is to give me the Advocate and when He is present, I need not worry about a thing… because of you grace I shall finish this race

  2. Caught part of the show on Capital FM.
    Excellent show.
    Thanks you for keeping it soooo simple.
    For being such a great ambassador for Christ.
    Listening in, I felt just so very proud and privileged to be a follower of Christ.

    Barikiwa sana tena sana

  3. hey Pasi.
    twas a gr8 rock!!!
    to think of a Pastor in a “SECULAR” radio station!!!
    my God increase the lives you’ll touch in this generation
    i esp liked the when you talked bout purpose and the host became reflective.really shows the desire/hunger for truth.totally cool.

    as for today’s reflection. thanks to God for the Holy Spirit

  4. Hi Pastor M,
    Guiding, thats a word that has really meant a lot to me in the months.
    i have had to make some decisions that have a bearing on what God is calling me to involved moving from my home town, Joining Mavuno and mizizi. Its been a thoughtful and prayerful time for me making the move.My pastor and some guys in my former Church thought i needed to think about the issue again and pray over it.

    The ever present guiding spirit was there for me and with me.I got some boldness and courage to make the move where friends and doubt spoke otherwise.
    I thank God i made the move. MAvuno and Mizizi, amazing.God is actually leading me even giving indications for what ahead. Just want to share a scripture that has been real for me.
    Psalm 32:8 (New International Version)
    8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;I will counsel you and watch over you.Amen

  5. Dear God may I be sensitive to yr Holy Spirit living in me and guiding me. May I learn to pay attention to the still small voice that is sometimes overshadowed by the clamour of this world. In Jesus name. Amen

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