Being Un-liked

There are some offensive things that we Christians sometimes do that cause people to dislike us. Being judgmental, acting ‘holier than thou’, and generally lacking love… these things are a great turnoff. We need to learn to be like our Father, who sacrificially loved the world (John 3:16)

But as we do so, we need to realize that there will be some who reject us, not because of what we do but because of Who we represent. And as we carry out our mission, we should expect to encounter some people who despise us because of what’s happening in their own lives – for example guilt, fear or even a sense that their way of life will be threatened by what we represent. I felt this keenly when I lived in the West, and nowadays, I sense some of that even here. And I’ve sometimes picked it up from the least expected quarters through the time I’ve led Mavuno.

Sad, because we all like to be liked… but inevitable! The person who never faces opposition is the person without a significant mission. So consider yourself warned (John 15:18-27)

Lord, help me to love, despite knowing that not all will accept this love and some will outrightly reject it. Help me to stay focused on what You called me to. And help me to remember that at the end of the day, my mission is not to be liked but to reach my generation with Your life changing truth. AMEN


6 responses to “Being Un-liked

  1. Allow me to humbly chime in on the words of Pastor M.
    It is indeed a very human characteristic to want to be popular. We see it in school, at the workplace, amongst siblings in a family and unfortunately – sometimes in church too.
    Human beings want to be seen in positive light, display no flaws, and to be associated with grand and glamorous things. Such craving for greatness however is bound to run into a reality check by virtue of one simple fact. We are human, we are made from dirt and whether we believe it or not, imperfect even at our very best.
    As Christians, how we respond to this basic instinct to want to be popular and right tells a lot about our spiritual maturity. We need to do a self check. As a Christian, I’m I such a Mr. Feel-so-Perfect that I treat everybody else around me is a hell-bound looser? Are you a Ms. Got-It-All Together and everybody else better talk to this heaven-bound hand?
    We need to be careful not to be heavenly relevant and earthly irrelevant. While our spiritual gifts may differ from one to another, one thing is very clear – our commission is the same, to go out and spread the gospel. And how are we to this when we’ve shut out the very people we’ve been sent to reach?
    Let’s remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi when he was asked why he was not a Christian. His was a four word answer – BECAUSE OF THE CHRISTIANS. Let’s not our pride and the quest for popularity set us beyond reproach, beyond correction, beyond positive criticism. Indeed, let’s not be.
    Let us be the LIVING TESTAMENT.
    Influence non-believers around you; at work, at the sports club, at school, in your neighborhood, etc with a powerful encounter with you as a living testament, and you will have effortlessly accomplished part of your commission in spreading the Gospel. But if they don’t like the God they see in you, it will be a tough sell for you to tell them of this God that you profess.
    And for Pastor M.
    Gandhi is quoted as saying that “happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”. Allow me to tweak it to read that: It is well when what you think, what you say, and what you do is in harmony the word of God.
    Be encouraged my brother and continue fighting this good fight.
    REMEMBER: Jesus himself stated that a prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.

  2. Heh @ Pst M, I hear you and I have also experienced rejection through avoidance its like I give some people jitters or something lol! Incidentally just yesterday I was reading up on reactions to Pat Robertson’s recent remarks about Haiti having made a pact with Satan so as to be free from the French.. all in line with the the WWF(Wrestling with the Father) sermon last Sunday…. now there is alot of hating around that including from one conservative who states that Robertson (a self proclaimed conservative)does not speak for them.He really got alot of people angry for some reason yet -and this is a personal view- this is the best chance for that country to return to God entirely.
    Well Robertson’s spokesman did issue a statement to state the their outreach arm was already on the ground helping Haitians and that the utterance was in no way a condemnation to the Haiti nation.

    I think for me the hope lies vs 26 that Jesus promised us an advocate, the Spirit of Truth who will bear us witness.

    Lord help me love unconditionally no matter what reaction i get from others, let me be like you
    Baraka tele!

  3. Thanks Pastor S for your ever encouraging and real messeges.For sometime i had not been checking the web because i felt i had too much christian material to read.However sinc monday i have been blessed by your messeges they are ever so true.

  4. I hear Jesus saying – living a christian life is not a popularity contest. Dont do it for applause or award. If you do you’ll be disappointed and disheartened. If you dont club, drink have casual relationships like others around you and they think your ‘BORING!’ that’s OK. expect it. live with it.

    Dear God may I always remember I dont have to fit in the crowd and be popular among my friends. Let me be content knowing I am not of this world. Let me live the life you call me with submission, humility and love. In Jesus Name. Amen

  5. Pastor M,

    As you prepared for and went to Capital FM … as you swam into the sea of humanity – the sea of the world’s wounded, we have prayed for and with you. I am confident that He who sends you into the fields has gone before you. You and your team have often said that all the things belong to Him. So, He prepared the way (even though it be a rarely travelled dirt track in the dangers of the wilderness) and He equipped you with the tools and armour you need for such a time as this and He sends the Holy Spirit to be with you. We prayed a hedge of protection all around you, prayed for utterance so that no matter what came up, it would be so very clear that every question was be handled/answered, through you, from on high.
    Confident too that in it all, God is glorified, the harvest will be plentiful and many many many will beat a path to Mavuno to discover the home they have been seeking – where they can come as they are.
    It is as often sang :-
    “Can i come Lord, as i am?
    In my weakness, help me understand
    That you love me for me
    That you hear me, when i call…
    Here i am Lord…”
    There are many out there looking for a place to belong, a place where they are not judged, a place where they can meet God and be loved. I came and for the first time in my life, i felt embraced, I felt like I belonged. I was home. So i stayed. No longer fighting the world and having to now face the issues. That energy is now channelled to the growth/pruning process.
    God bless you immensely.

  6. Hey p.m, i havent been blogging much but better late than never, i really enjoy the messages in mavuno n i really look fwd to the series of my purpose in life. I know for a fact that my eyes will be opened up to the reality of my existence and that is def very rgd to feeling unliked, i feel u coz i have been a victim on several occassions but i have strength in knowing that as long as i dont judge,brag or not being offensive then being unliked is inevitable and i have to live with it.i am also encouraged to know that you go thro it just like any other person..

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