Don’t Give Up

When we began Mavuno Church, we felt God was calling us to reach out to people who would not fit in any traditional church: People who had real issues. We wanted to give our generation the message that in God they could find their purpose, and that coming to Him was the key that unlocked their huge potential. We wanted them to know that God had not given up on them: That they didn’t need to be super-saints to have audience with God. That God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Jesus knew that his followers had real issues. Judas would betray him and Peter would disown him. The rest would all run away. He was troubled and concerned about this. And yet he didn’t give up on them. Even after they had failed him, they each had a choice to get back up again and to return to Jesus. Peter did. Judas didn’t.

Lord, thanks for Your unconditional love, despite my many issues. And give me a true love for people who have issues. May they experience Your love and acceptance when they hear me speak. Help me not to give up on anyone that you would not give up on. AMEN


8 responses to “Don’t Give Up

  1. M, the diligence you put into living your life’s purpose is inspiring. Its making a timely and invaluable difference in a hurting world. Thanks.

  2. Pst M.
    Very timely word you have shared today. I had an experience this week that almost made me give up on someone who is going thru a lot but I didn’ this makes lots of sense. thanks!

  3. Pastor M, hope you get this message. we love you so much passie, that word stands for all the good seed you have planted in our lives, you are such a great example and such humble a leader, May God BLESS YOU! May HE enlarge your territory, May HE cause HIS face to shine upon you, May HIS favour follow you wherever you go, in the country,and in the fields, May you inherit the ends of the earth. May HE give you peace-SHALOM, may you be calm, even in the storm, THE LORD BLESS YOU FROM ZION. May your enemies fail, may they be plundered may they be despoiled, may they be scatterd, may they be no more. THE LORD HAS HIS EYE ON THE RIGHTEOUS, AND HIS EAR IS INCLINED TOWARDS THEIR PRAYER. You are HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS. Those who are for you are greater than those who are against you. GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN YOU THAN he WHO IS in the world. Love you keep holding on, stand firm, steady and sure. You will win the race.

  4. Contradictions abound.
    I donot want to be passed over or assumed or given up on.
    Yet i find myself classifing people around me into who is worth my time and who is not. This does not amke sense.

    A leader is only a leader because there are people to lead.
    So more contradiction here given the discriminating modus operandi shared here.
    For some reason, wherever i go, i am singled out for leadership roles. In my world, it occurs like i am being set up to fail. So how do i become the effective leader that God can use to reach his people and lead them to the cross?

    My oh my!
    Need to up this game.
    I cannot do this by myself.
    I need His guidance becasue God works in and through people.
    Please pray as He chisels away everything that is not who He created me to be.

  5. Grace is the most difficult thing to wrap your head around. you fear that giving grace to those who need it means they’ll take advantage or see it as weakness. and you think that you can’t receive it because you’re letting yourself off the hook too easily(you need to suffer a bit, flog the horse a little)this is to thank God for Grace and Church. because church is one of the avenues we receive Grace. and pray Mavuno will continue being a place where the sick come, not the well.big up to Pastoral team.

  6. The masks were stripped away. Those who were hiding in their facades Jesus exposed. Judus, Peter. The time had come and things had to be accomplished. Its interesting that God brought out the true colours in people in order to advance his work. He brings out the truth.

    Pastor M and the Mavuno team – Thank you for realising this great truth. Dealing with real people, with real issues is a the secret recepie for God’s cookbooks.

    This morning I prayed for you pastor M and the other Mavuno pastors such as pastor Linda, Simon, Molly, Judy, Kenyatta, Grace. I purpose to make this a habit. Awesome prayer Esther and I will follow in line.

    this verse brought back good memories of Mizizi days – John 13:35 “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    Dear God search my heart and reveal any wron way in me – do not give up on me but lead me in the way everlasting. May I learn to confess, get up and approach your throne of grace with confidence so that I can obtain mercy and find grace when I am in need. In Jesus Name. Amen

  7. Hi Pastor,
    This message came through for me at a time when I purposed to renew my walk with God. The environment was looking hopeless and in the business world, we were collapsing slowly.
    This message gave hope to our team and guess what, they started to smile knowing that it was only God who could give us the ability to create wealth.
    Business started to flow and we were back on track despite the usual minor issues.

    God bless you and know that the word does not come back in vain and is meant to inspire and build.


    Wachira Gichuki

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