Leading Selflessly

It’s hard to serve others! Especially when you’re a leader… It’s so much easier for it to be about ‘what’s in it for me?’ And yet Africa will only be transformed by a generation of selfless leaders who will give themselves to serve others without trying to line their own pockets or to entrench themselves in power. This is especially difficult because leadership can be such a thankless task! What will it take to become such leaders? Some clues in John 13…

  • Jesus knew God; he knew God’s agenda for him in the season of life he was in. This is what allowed him to love his disciples unreservedly…
  • Jesus knew himself; he knew his true identity in God. This is what allowed him to serve his followers sacrificially…

Jesus knew what was in his followers hearts; that not all of them fully supported his leadership or deserved his service. And yet because of knowing God and knowing himself, he was still able to love and serve them. Lesson for me: It takes a leader who is confident in God and secure in own his position to love people unreservedly and to serve them sacrificially.

Lord, help me to know You so well and to know my position in You so fully that I will be able to love people unreservedly and to serve them sacrificially. I pray that I will be one of the many leaders You will raise for this continent who make a difference by leading selflessly. Please give me opportunities to grow as a selfless leader, even today. AMEN


6 responses to “Leading Selflessly

  1. To me this reading shows us how selfless Jesus was – He served those who were His followers and even the one He (already) knew was against Him and would betray Him.

    In our day to day lives, we have people we work with (bosses, peers or subordinates) who work hard to frustrate us for reasons best known to themselves. They literally ‘slice you up’ at any opportunity they get. Very much like that Mathematics teacher in Pst M’s high school. There are others who laugh with you and yet go behind your back to back stub you. Serving these people is extremely difficult.

    Yet Jesus went ahead and washed ALL their feet. It takes God’s grace to be able to serve such people.

  2. Lovely approach Pastor M. Allow me to point out certain things we can all ponder about. (I love John 13, its transformed my life as a christian!) Jesus served his disciples with such humility, he could have washed any other part of their bodies (ie hands, face etc) but he chose the feet, the dirtiest part of the body for them those days (no cars). I ask myself, because i am senior to a number of people in the office, why dont i serve them tea instead of waiting to be served? At home, why not assist the house help? i mean even move your own plate from the dinning area!!

    Jesus was very aware of Judas and his betrayal and even called him out to it. But He did not discriminate in washing the disciples feet, judas’ feet also got washed. How do you treat the Judas’ in your life? News flash, you and I have Judas’ in our lives, the guys that betray us (refer to Sunday’s sermon). Im i mean to them? I see them comimg towards me and i cross the road? It was a painful lesson but i learnt to treat the Judas’ in my life the way Jesus dealt with the Judas in his life, with love.

  3. Selfish leadership is the cancer that is eating up Africa slowly.
    One of the biggest issue is that we have not fully put our trust in God and surrendered our all. We are not confident that He will be there for us if we focus on what he has called us to do which is to serve other people.Matthew 6:33.

    Am greatly challenged guys and am asking my self if i am the solution that Africa and the nations of the world really need. A Selfless leader who will make a difference in this generation.
    Amen to Your prayer Pasi.

    frankly speaking the kind of service that we offer as leaders is so selective

  4. @ Charles actually that cancer is eating up Africa very quickly! I guess all the more reason for us to take on Jesus’ model as a selfless leader.

    In today’s reflection, a sad and scary scenario… the declaration Jesus made to Peter about his denying him thrice.What would I have done? Infact what to I do when am faced in a situation where I need to stand up for Jesus do I sell out? Do I take the easy road?

    Lord Jesus, I seek your help in leading my life so that no matter what comes my way I will not You and Your fellowship out. Amen!

  5. Pastor M,

    Thank you for sharing.
    That touched a cord.
    Just jana, i was dealing with how much i prefer to operate in the background and let someone else deal with the people. I was on the verge of giving up a leadership role – in God’s work no less. I find, leaving the 99, to go after the one, a tough assignment. I am wont to hold the view that it does not work to push people towards something they donot want to do. I was ready to dump this responsibnility and take the easy path – let someone else deal with it. Then I did the only thing that i am now learning to do in/for all my situation – I prayed about it. I asked God for grace and wisdom and to learn to value His people and i consigned the task to He who can do something about it.

    As i chatted with a fellow leader in the evening, she said that God’s work is through people. I was kinda stunned and i know He will temper me in this flame and use me to serve Him here. Will i always be up to the task? Probably not. my prayer though is that i will have the presence of mind, as only He can give, to get back on track.

    @just another sinner – i so feel you. What you shared has reminded me of something i have heard said time and again and that i donot always practise and keep present. That is WWJD – “what would Jesus do”.

  6. Selfless leadership. Servant leadership. Hard lessons to learn and practise – but not impossible. Jesus was secure in his identity and his relationship with the father and thus did not have ego issues to prevent him from leading in this way.

    Dear God you know the challenges I face in trying to lead selflessly and as a servant leader. Please give me strength and may I derive my confidence in my identity. Help me not to discriminate but serve even the ones I find hardest to serve. In Jesus name. Amen

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