A Separated Leader

Yesterday, I met with two teams; Mavuno’s executive team that gives big picture leadership to Mavuno and my senior pastor’s team that helps coordinate & execute my leadership role. Both teams are new this year, and are answers to prayers I prayed mid last year, when I felt completely overwhelmed & outstripped by my leadership responsibilities at Mavuno. These teams will free me this year to do what only I can do. As I met them, I marveled at how gifted each person on those teams is. And consequently how I need to up my game as a leader in order to lead such extraordinary people.

That’s why I love my brief for today. In John 12:49-50, Jesus says ‘for I did not speak of my own accord, but the Father who sent me commanded me what to say and how to say it. I know that his commands lead to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say’.

One of my mentors recently spoke to me about the importance of being a ‘separated leader’. This is a leader who leads not out of giftedness, determination, hard work or instinct, because there is a level of leadership where these qualities though important are not enough. But this person leads out of spiritual authority developed from time spent with God. Both Moses and Jesus were separated leaders.

Lord, please help me to be a separated leader. One who hears your voice very clearly and who then leads people to life, because he/she leads or speaks only out of what God has revealed. Help me practice listening to you throughout the day. I pray that I will model this kind of leadership for all those who learn from me, including my children. AMEN


7 responses to “A Separated Leader

  1. Uttermost surrender to God is the key, you step lower in reverence to God and his call. His dreams become your dreams, his ways your ways… Its a Luke 14:25-35 situation… counting the cost, separation for service. He is waiting


    last year we studied ‘Courageuos leadership’ as the ushering ministry leadership and I was first confronted with the idea of the separated leader. I so desire to be a such a leader that I am cutting and pasting your prayer pator M so that even at my work-place I would be a leader that listens to the voice of God and acts in obedience-AMEN

  3. Hai pasi there’s nothin as gud as doin wat God wnts.gives u peace n joy with every1 u brush ur shoulders with.may the Rehma word of God b fulfild 2mavuno family startin with u pasi

  4. Dear Pst M, I would like to let you know that your contribution in Mavuno is greatly appreciated. You are an awesome leader and your gift of casting vision is unique. May God increase you and give you wisdom needed to lead the team and to help you accomplish the things he has put in your heart.

    Todays reading. It amazes me that some people still did not believe in Jesus even after all the miracles he had performed and the greatest ones which we have just been studying – healing of a cripple of 38 yrs, vision to a man born blind from birth, raising of lazarus who had been dead 4 days.. Yaani these guys were clearly set in their ways. No wonder even Christ’s resurrection after him speaking about it all through in the fulfilment of prophesy would not mean a thing (i.e. we know how the story ends) vs 43 tells us why! ‘for they loved praise from men more than praise from God’

    In stark contrast is the heart of God revealed through Jesus. His mission was not to judge and condemn BUT TO SAVE. It is the people who would condemn themselves by insisting on their way. The very word they refused would come back to bite them!

    Dear God, may I not be drawn by the praises of man and wanting to please man by making a show. May I learn how to listen to your word and walk in obedience. In that I will find salvation and everlasting life. Dear God work on my heart so that I dont look with judgment and condemnation on others – but instead speak the message of salvation which draws men through mercy and grace. In Jesus Name. AMEN

  5. A totally surrendered leader is a totally sold out leader.
    One who only follows the masters rules not others not even His/hers.
    God sought us out to tune our ears to only one frequency and to broadcast only what comes from You.Amen

  6. I just had to share this. What an awesome Ombi launch. Wooow, I’m syked up. thanks the laying out the rules of engagement pst M – I took the charge ‘leave no man behind’ to heart. I had started giving up on some.

    May the adventure begin!

  7. @child of God, yeah that was an awesome launch. I especially love the fact that we actually engaged in prayer and I know that God perfoirmed some miracles. His name be praised

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