Eternity In The Mundane

Giving up on our self-directed lives often feels like death. And in a huge sense it is! Continually turning over full management of our lives to God can be a very scary experience. But the paradox is that it’s the only way to truly receive the life for which we were created. That’s why Jesus talks dying as the entrance to real living for a grain of wheat (John 12:24). The process begins with the surrender of salvation but continues with the daily obedience to and following of Jesus’ commands. In other words, staying connected.

I’m also learning that it’s extremely easy to walk through life unaware of the eternal significance of the things I am doing. This was the experience of Jesus’ closest friends (John 12:16), who didn’t realize that even their mundane tasks had incredible significance and were helping fulfill ancient prophecy.

Lord, please help me not be afraid to be totally yielded to You in every way. And in the process, please open my eyes that I will be aware of the eternal significance of every task I do today, including all my meetings and appointments. AMEN


5 responses to “Eternity In The Mundane

  1. Pst M, I’m so excited we are on week 4 – what an amazing time this has been! I thank God for enabling me to keep up – something new for me. For this passage I take your brief with me.

  2. Someone shared wit us in a sitting about a sermon you had in church where coffins were lined up infront of the church and inside were mirrors. Everyone was then made to walk round and look into the coffins. REAL DYING TO SELF!!!! But in my walk with Christ, Initially it was difficult, HOW do you just let go and LEAVE it to GOD??? But now I see the fruits, its liberating, calming and totally relaxing. It is the best thing that ever happened to me.
    My prayer is to ask God to keep holding me up too and walk with me through it all even in the “mundanest” of tasks like driving to work.
    Be blessed!

  3. “it is extremely easy to walk through life totally unaware of the eternal significance of the things that i do” that’s powerful. God help us to be dead men walking in this world alive and kicking.

  4. I have neva blogged b4 so am a melachocolic! naturaly i kip stuff 2 myself. Thats just me period!!! So am filin am a bit wierd openin up up bt am gona what the the heck? Rit now i fil like deletin tha whole issue an 4getin it then am lyk what tha heck? Bin readin john tha gospel an am lyk “wat does it mean” an 2 make matas worse pasta M. Shikas it! So I decifer it, analyze it, perfect it, guess wat? Get zero from it. Am nt gona giv advice bt as 4 me “the melanchocolic” am juz goin 2 continue readin the gospel of John an I hope my papa(GOD) is gonna speak 2 me as an individual. N.B. My mama told me ati the gospel of John is lyk Jesus talkin 2 u personaly, yaaani its lyk Jesus havin a mono- conversation wit me. Anywaiz its supa nice 2 b connected. Y lie!

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