Cooperating With God’s Agenda

I love the fact that Jesus was so connected with God that when he prayed in public, it wasn’t for his sake but for the sake of those listening. In his time alone with God, he had already had the vital conversations. God had already given him his brief. He had the big picture and knew how to respond in every situation. For example in John 11 when Lazarus died, Jesus knew God’s intention and purpose for the whole saga and his job was simply to cooperate with God’s agenda.

Do you also notice that there are some people who’ll never agree with you, regardless of what you say or do? So quit trying to impress them or justify yourself and get along doing what God has called you to do!

Lord, I earnestly desire to be soooo closely connected to You in my times with You that I’m not praying in panic whenever I face a tough situation in my day, but I’m briefed and know what Your intention and purpose is. May I daily cooperate with Your agenda, without being distracted by the many critics who’ll never be impressed anyway by anything I say or do. AMEN


5 responses to “Cooperating With God’s Agenda

  1. As I write am back to church after 7 years.
    Having been brought up by “GOD fearing Parents” who had issues infidelity, wife battering, Children battering etc.I felt I never want to come close to their “GOD”. We are six siblings.
    These are some of the issues that have been my life
    • My mother would be beaten and then my father would stand in an Anglican church proclaim God and preach to people. She is asthmatic and diabetic and has always complained about her husband to us. Though he stopped beating her after I stood up to him and told him ill beat him up instead. The wounds and bitterness in my soul have never been healed. I longed for the day they would divorce and stopped pretending.
    • My three brothers would be beaten and thrown out. One developed suicidal tendencies and I rescued him twice hanging from a tree. He is now on his second marriage which he doesn’t take care of. The other one suffered Psychiatric depression. The other one doesn’t work but is always looking for friends who have money to associate with. He corns everyone money.
    • My two sisters are divorced. Two of my first born sister’s children are living in my fathers home as she slaves in America….and not seen them in 12 years. On Thursday 28th January the boy ran away from home. Our second born sister is pseudo religious. Having been through a psychiatric depression.
    • I never seem to make progress in anything…has never been in a relationship am 30 years old Ive a college degree .I move from married man to married man just looking for appreciation. I don’t sleep with the same Man more than 3 months I never ask them for money….but sleep with them. I can’t stand disciplining me or anyone else I wet my bed if I am faced with a violent scene I can’t fight for anything. Am numb in pain …. I have I’ve ulcers and I’m going for counseling because I don’t sleep most of the nights. Where do I start so that I can live a normal life? Am ready to find my own “GOD” although every day I listen to you am amazed at how you touch all those problems I’ve been through. But as soon as I leave someone is calling me for “SEX” and I have it and in the evening am masturbation mode…..

  2. @ want to change prostitute, thanks for your post. I know you know somewhere deep down that there is hope. My message is to let you know hope is available for you. Please feel free to talk to any of our prayer counselors after the service to agree with someone and begin a journey of hope. Because Sunday is abit too far, kindly feel free to write me an email on
    Baraka Tele!!

  3. @ delivered prostitute. I am praying in faith and thanking God for the step you have made of opening up and being real about the issues in your life. That is one of the greatest steps to finding a solution. I am praying that God will use this to redeem you and to heal your soul. I know pastor M, Gogetter and other people in church will help you – continue attending church because you are in the right place. It may seem God was not there to stop all these from happening; you all have suffered a lot of pain and broken lives but like Martha I pray it will be your testimony that Jesus can bring life where there is death.

    There is also a women’s program called Alabastron lead by a group of women who understand what it is to be in your situation. I encourage you to come to the open day on the 20th of Feb at All Saints Cathedral new hall and start this healing process. God is with you and he will use you in a mighty way.

    My brief for John 11. Dear God may I learn to trust in your ability to bring life – indeed, everlasting life – where there has been death. In Jesus name. Amen

  4. i found this chapter shows how much like us the characters were like us.human;

    of sarcasm i hv to loop this i dnt even wnt to dilute it by paraphrasing
    vs16″then Thomas(the one called Didymus)said to the other followers,”let us also go so that we can die with him””

    of girl issues(moods of this world!!)
    vs20when Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went out to meet him, BUT MARY STAYED HOME.
    i can just picture wat was in Mary’s head considering how the chapter starts by saying she poured perfume on his head, wiped his feet with her hair basically gave her all to him and when she needed him the most he was not there for her.

    of jesus being human (vs35he wept)bt men dnt cry do they?

  5. Thanks for your insights. I’ll be preaching on the topic, cooperating with God. Everything I read helps!

    Let me share what I read from a book:

    “Men must do what men can do, the the Lord will do what men cannot do.”

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