Indifference Is Not An Option

One of my friends at Mavuno, Dr. Mukuria, has a pretty informative blog about the Mau forest. Check it out here… His organization, Refuge, has a passion for rallying Christians around issues of the environment in our nation. Definitely something we all need to be involved in. When it comes to our environment, indifference is not an option!

Okay, on to my brief for the day. To his listeners, it was clear that Jesus was claiming not to be a sage or prophet, which they would have been happy with, but God himself! No other respected religious leader in history claimed the same for themselves. As someone once said, it’s not accurate to say Jesus was a good man. His claims mean he was either a liar, a lunatic or the Lord of the universe! If he was one of the first two, then He should not be admired, and his followers should be among the most pitied people in all the earth (google 1Corinthians 15:19-20)!

But if he was Lord as he claimed, then everything we know about the world changes. The song ‘what if God was one of us’ takes on a new meaning. And the words in the bible, including the gospel of John, become essential answers to humanity’s deepest questions about why we exist and what is the meaning of life. In other words, they become our daily brief.

Even back then, responses to Jesus were polarized; some wanted to stone him while others believed in and followed him. Once you encounter him and his claims, indifference is not an option. It’s like discovering for a certainty that the stock market is going to go up twenty times in value over the next year. You can’t just say you believe; your lifestyle and priorities totally change!

Lord, thanks for the assurance today that I am yours and that no one can snatch me out of Your hands. Nothing can separate me from Your love. May my lifestyle and priorities reflect this truth. May my confidence in all I do today spring from this fact. AMEN


8 responses to “Indifference Is Not An Option

  1. Hey pastor m, i have today’s readings and am trying to have this little faith that Christ will pull me from a situation am in! It is causing me sleepless nights for many reasons. Here’s the story; in my first year of university i got an accident right before my end of 1st semester exams, meaning i missed this papers. I did my end of second sem. but could not receive my transcript because it is only issued if one has completed their papers. I finished them all last year (together with my third year papers )and when i went to get the transcript i was in Shock!! I have never gotten a reseat in my second and third year of school, and i do pretty well in my 4th year, but for some reason my 1 st year transcript grades are so bad they say i should repeat! Am not taking it, those grades aren’t mine and am going to put up a fight! Now, nairobi uni is not of the best reputation, i don’t know what they will say. I see the dean hopefully today. I need favour, coz God knows i didn’t fail as they say i did, i put in my all i read, did all those papers, and i should have aced a good number. Agree with me, that God’s hand shall be upon me that my mouth shall have words strong enough for a consideration of my matter, i need to graduate come september, and graduate well, my exams start on the 8th of february and this is just messing me up. Pray with and for me. I will appreciate.

  2. @ Beloved,Anointed & Blessed… you very blog name speaks of the confidence you have in your God to deliver you and He is able to… Don’t give up the fight for your life, you shall live and not die… go with God. Praying for you and with you on this. Have faith God will come through and know you are not alone
    Baraka Tele!

  3. @ Beloved, Anointed and Blessed I feel your crisis and I’m praying with you. I encourage you to go with an attitude of praise and thanksgiving – thanking God for seeing you this far, thanking him for his goodness as your father that he is concerned for your good and he will work it even in this circumstance. Praise him because his word says he is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. Trust him to direct your steps and to give you victory. Trust him to turn this situation around for your good.

    Pastor M indeed Christ’s identity was a big issue even when he was here among us – sembuse leo, 2 milleniums after! I think of Eckhart Tolle’s book that puts him as another good teacher and I reflect on this passage and for me the truth I hold on is that he was the Son of God. He was not raving mad; neither was he a liar. His miraculous works, then and even now in my, give testimony of his awesome power – he has done things that could not be done by others. In His name is deliverance, salvation and breaking of every yoke. I have a great testimony in my life that left me in no doubt about that last year.

    Oh, and yes a great work is happening in Mau thanks to dr Mukuria – I’m a big fan. Awesome blog! May God continue to bless the work of his hands, protect him and provide for him.

    Dear God, I entrust myself in your hands with a full assurance of your promise that I have eternal life and nothing can snatch me away from you. I now live a totally new life since your presence makes the biggest difference. May I testify to this in how I live my life today and in my vision/goals for years to come. May my life on earth today make a difference that counts for eternity. In Jesus Name. Amen

  4. Today I made my first attempt (in 8 years!) to witness (if you can call a 2 minute chat ‘witnessing’) to a work mate of Indian decent. His response was that Christ was indeed one of the best prohets of God… I plan on sending him the comments above by Pst M. And proceeding with that chat with renewed vigour.

    I was struck by the unwavering confidence and assurance that Jesus portrayed in declaring that He and the Father were one. That God sent Him. That He was God’s son. Yet he was aware that many people in his audience opposed that claim bitterly… I wondered about my own level of conviction. Jesus says I am His, and that no one can snatch me out of his hand. How well do I believe that? How do I live it out?

    @ Beloved, Annointed and blessed, I am praying with you.

  5. @ Child of God that is a delicious post!! Am so blessed by it and I feel it totally!

    @ Judy W wawa! Heh that is awesome and I will stand with you as you are an ambassador for Jesus starting this evening at worship night, I have an Asian friend who am seeking to get to come for the services and she is into it but the timings have been tricky, pray with me!

    @ B A B post the good report bana!!
    Baraka Tele!!

  6. Hi Beloved, Anointed and Blessed.

    You are blessed, may the good lord be with you today as you prepare to go see your Dean and may he put in your lips the right words to say. Trust in him.

    God bless you

  7. Hi all, really blessed by all that you’re learning. Thanks for taking the time to comment. @ B,A,B… I join my prayers with those of others to trust God for His best outcome for you. I’m convinced that just like with the Lazarus saga, God has an agenda through this that will result in your blessing and His glory. Please let us know how things work out!

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