Learning Leadership From The Master

From John 10:1-21, we learn that the following qualities of a good leader…

Authority – His followers know his voice & follow him – how well do my leaders hear and follow me?
Care – She lays down her life for his followers- do my people know I’ll take a bullet for them?
Knowledge – He knows his followers and they know him – how well do I know those who follow me and what they’re going throug?
Big Picture – She is responsible to think not just of the followers but of who else should be part of the team – how am I thinking ahead regarding the big picture – things my followers have no time to think about?

Lord, please help me to be a good shepherd leader, both for Mavuno and for my family. Give me opportunities to practice this word today. AMEN


2 responses to “Learning Leadership From The Master

  1. Hi Pastor M,

    Thank you for your challenge and I take it to heart as a life group leader. what stands out for me is vs 3 ‘He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out’ It show intimate knowledge that the shepherd has – God calls me out by name. He has a name for me. I am not lost in the crowd. It is also a principle I need to apply as a leader – not to treat people as a crowd but to know them each in their own unique way.

    What wonderful promises to enjoy – that I am saved, I will find pasture, life to the full, none will perish and no one can snatch the sheep from the shepherd!

    Thank you God for such wonderful promises that you have given for me to claim and enjoy. Thank you that you know me by name and that I have pasture and life to the full in you. I pray for my impact list (by name) that you will bring them in and none of them will be lost. Thank you for the leadership responsibility you have given me; may I be a faithful steward to learn from you and apply these principles. In Jesus Name I pray.

  2. to add to my brief. I’m spending time thinking of each member of my lifegroup & what they are going through and saying a prayer for them. Also seeing a tangible way to bless them.

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