Had a great weekend. Amazingly was able to speak at church despite a serious flu bug that had greatly sapped my energy. We commissioned Pastor Simon, who’s launching an amazing frontline ministry. I’m grateful for the things God is doing at Mavuno and for the many who are being transformed and becoming agents of change for our nation.

Today’s reading was from John 9. Three things going on here…

  • The man’s illness – some thought his misfortune was punishment for his or his parent’s sin. Jesus clarified that it was an opportunity for God’s work to be displayed in his life.
  • The man didn’t know much about Jesus but he could testify about what God had done for him. You don’t need to be an expert on religion to testify about what God has done for you. On the other hand, his parents were intimidated by what people would think about or do to them and they missed an opportunity to speak about the remarkable way God had answered their prayers.
  • The Pharisees were determined to prove that Jesus was not from God, even when the evidence stared at them in the face. As a result, though they were the religious leaders of the time, they completely missed out on the opportunity to be part of what God was doing in their generation.

Lord, open my eyes this week to see your miracles in my life and give me many opportunities to testify about them regardless of how people will respond to me. May I view any challenges or problems I have as an opportunity for your glory to be seen by myself and others. And may I have a believing heart so that I will not miss out on the opportunity to be part of what you are doing in my generation, but will instead join you in it.

P.S. Genius is – finding out what God is doing in your generation and throwing yourself into it 100% for the rest of your life!


4 responses to “Opportunity

  1. Ahem!!! I like the part of asking God to not tolet me miss the opportunity of being part of what HE is doding in MY GENERATION!! Ain’t that a superb thing??? I love it!

  2. mmmh I want Genius!

    What stood out for me was that the blind man got healed and actually came to accept Jesus later… must say that was interesting.

    In today’s reading, Jesus being the gate stood for me…as in HE IS THE ONLY WAY TO LIFE and that is not up for debate with anything else… refreshing in this day and age of New Age teaching masking as good news
    Baraka Tele!

  3. hi family! What an amazing passage. Pst M your brief does it for me – it says what I would have liked to say. I see God’s creative hand at work – he didn’t just speak he made mud and used it as a healing balm. what a testimony that could not be disputed – “One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” I see Christ’s compassion to follow after the man when he was thrown out by the pharisees. He showed him how his condition allowed him to accept the gift of salvation – since nothing like that had been done before.

    Dear Lord, let me be open to the infinite possibilities that are capable with you. May I not limit my faith to only what I have seen or heard done before. Especially with conditions I have known since birth or for as long as I can remember. May I share my testimony with boldness because in many ways your hand has made me well when I thought it was impossible. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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