Staying Connected – Week Four

Here are this week’s readings from the gospel of John. And if by any chance you’ve fallen behind, ditch the guilt and just start from where we are! Look forward to hearing about your daily briefings…

 MON 8:48-58
TUE 9:1-41
WED 10:1-21
THU 10:22-42
FRI 11:1-37
SAT 11:38-57


7 responses to “Staying Connected – Week Four

  1. haha I hear you Pastor M yaani we have been too quiet with the comments. Actually I was lost and ended up doing 8 until the end today morning and my reflection is based on what you shared in the posting Free. But I still see Jesus as the non conformist who is not afraid of what people think about his content. He is confident of His Father…. what a challenge for me. In my head rings a statement, I have been called to the ministry of transformation not conformation(is there such a word)lol!
    Baraka Tele!

  2. hey Pastor M. i was in kenya for the christmas holidays and happened to attend mavuno for the first time and must say i was so encouraged by the sermon and the work u are doing there….yani i was amazed. I thank God for wat u are doing for our generation.keep up the good work and be blessed!

  3. Pastor M,
    i can confidently say that jana’s reading was the best quiet time i have had since i started doing q.t during miziz i followed your steps getting quiet,thanking God and reviewing the day asking God to give m my briefing e.t.c..
    i was reading John 8:48-58 and the passage that really caught me was v.51 that says “i tell you the truth if any one keeps my word they will never see death” this jumped out at me because during mizizi we learnt that there are many kinds of death;death of the soul,death of the body, death of society, death of environment, if we kept Gods word all this would be unheard of!that in my opinion was profoundly deep!id would like to share somethhing with you that i got from a prayer booklet that my prayer partner from mizizi got for me its titled God cares- it says we dont have to struggle in prayer to make God care, prayer is not a matter of giving God up- to-the-minute-information-about-me- we dont have to remind God incase he forgets God already cares for the things we pray about he has simplty been waiting for us to care about them with him! i have to get back to applying for a job at brookhouse school can i request that you stand in prayer with me..?hope this blesses you as much as its blessed me.

  4. Pastor M,

    A few months ago, the name Mavuno Church popped up in my conversation with some friends. Then, i didn’t pursue to find out more about the church.

    Yesterday was a turning point in that not only did i check out your website but 9 hours of listening to your sermons titled Happily Ever After later, i can confidently say that i’m very very very blessed to have stumbled onto Mavuno.

    It’s like that link that’s been missing from my spiritual journey that’s finally been locked in.

    I realise that i’m very behind sermonswise but i’m richly blessed listening to them. As i drive to work, at the office, at home….any opportunity i get.

    I thank you, your fellow pastors and the body of believers in Mavuno church for your ministry.

    May the Lord bless you and reward you as you toil
    for his kingdom.



  5. what God is doing in Mavuno is amazing! I thank God for using you pst M & the Mavuno team. I feel wangui & Ron and fondly rembr my mizizi days & early days of downloading sermons & devouring them with eagerness. Welcome to the family – its the best thing that could have happened to you.

    what stands out for me vs 50 – Jesus did not seek Glory for himself, as strange as that may seem. He was all about bringing glory to God the father. Dear God may I always rembr its all about u – that I should live my life to Glorify you my master. In Jesus name. Amen

  6. Pastor, i’m the kind u r talkin about. That guilt almost finished me. I have every intention to be on the same page with y’all by week-end. Have a great Tuesday!

  7. Hi Pastor M,
    Jana sermon was just what my hubby has wanted to hear.My husband has fought with bondages in his life that has left them fighting with each other and ruining each others life.As for me 2009 was bad yr for me,i have quareeled with each n every person in my family n i even wanted to leave my hubby to sleep with a married man thinking i will get lots on money,to cut the story short i have enrolled in mizizi n am hoping it will be a turn around for me,my hubby n family.
    God bls

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