Leading With Wisdom And Compassion

I’ll be at a meeting today with members of Mavuno who have begun frontline initiatives. These are basically institutions whose primary purpose is to impact one of the different sectors of society. Each of them has taken some risks to venture into something unique and revolutionary that is causing great impact on our city. It’s exciting that every year, more and more people are following their dream and becoming part of the change. Because of them and many others who will join them, Africa will be different in this generation!

This morning I reflected on John 8:1-11, which gives the story of the woman caught in adultery. The whole thing was a trap used to accuse Jesus. If he disagreed that she should be punished, then he was siding with a lawbreaker. If he agreed, then he would no longer be seen as the compassionate teacher and would lose favor with the people. Jesus’ answer turned the spotlight back onto the accusers for their hypocrisy. How easy it is for religious people to become haters; feeling ‘holier than thou’ and acting as if they’re better than others! And after they had gone, he spoke with her compassionately yet firmly. His answer was something we seek to practice at Mavuno. ‘God loves you so much He wants you to come to Him just as you are. But He loves you too much to leave you that way!’

What struck me most though is that in order to avoid the trap and to make a call that was full of wisdom and compassion, Jesus had a secret. He had just spent the whole night praying at the mount of Olives. He was connected! And it showed.

Lord, I need so much wisdom to handle the responsibilities you’ve given me… As a husband, father, sibling, son, leader etc. Please help me to stay connected with you, even when it feels inconvenient to do so. And as a result, please give me supernatural insight – including today – to avoid the enemy’s traps and to lead with wisdom and compassion. AMEN


2 responses to “Leading With Wisdom And Compassion

  1. That is such a wonderful prayer, especially about insight! I have been listing the lies the enemy has been saying to me and one of them was, failure! I have failed many many many times but i thank God because he reminded me today through this reading that he is the Lord of second chances!!

  2. powerful reading and great insight to our saviour’s heart. Jesus is all knowing and exposes the hypocrisy of the pharisees. he is the only one left & has the authority to condemn but doesn’t – only graciously rebukes the woman to stop her life of sin.

    Dear God may I not look at others with condemnation and ‘holier than thou’ attitude. May I remember yr a gracious God who forgave me much & that u are able to reach those living in sin. In Jesus name. Amen

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