Had a great staff meeting yesterday, our first since our off-site retreat. Like I’ve said before, I’ve got a great feeling about our 2010 staff team; really sterling people. You know how one of the first questions people ask you is ‘what do you do?’ Well, my answer nowadays is that I’m responsible for leading a highly gifted team whose mission is to raise a revolutionary army that will change our continent in this generation!

In John 7:25-52, people’s preconceived ideas about Christ kept them from understanding and accepting him when He showed up. Result was that though they admired him (like many people today do), they didn’t experience the benefits of a relationship with him.

Lord, I pray that my preconceived ideas about who God is and how He should work will never keep me from understanding what You are saying to me. And I claim Your promise in verse 38. ‘Whoever believes in me…streams of living water will flow from within him’. May I not just experience God’s wisdom and power in overflowing measure today but also be a channel of that wisdom and power to my team and to others.


5 responses to “Channel

  1. I had said I would not write this till I get a full confirmation but your post seems to be really interesting-kinda like that confirmation I needed. 7 days ago I had an interesting dream that I sense was prophetic in a way. I was walking beside a pool that had many fishes in it the pool was not well lit, the waters were darkish. Beside the pool were young men and women with a very big net preparing to fish in this dark pool, at once like a rushing wind they dropped the big net into the pool and came out with very many fishes. Immediately some light came to that pool, the fishermen were resting at the edge of the pool very quite but looked to be resting and preparing themselves for another catch.
    After some prayer I sensed as if God was telling me He is raising up young women and men to be fishers of men to go to the dark pools and bring the children of God back to Him. End of dream. Just pray about it Pasi. Barikiwa. Ebu read John 17 really deep.

  2. Hi Pst M i wont say much but vs 38 was also so on point for me today i kept repeating it all day. but i didn’t understand what is meant in vs 39 “Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified”

    be blessed

  3. @ John 17 beautiful dream, I think we must all pray and also show up for duty as the Lord prepares to raise his Take Over army for this continent!

    In today’s reading Jn 8:1-11 I see the authority of Jesus and the finality with which he deals with a sin considered big. He just say go and sin no more and its over just like that; It is all done. Lord help me know that your forgiveness and restoration in my life is final and let me leave a life worthy of what you did for me. Amen

  4. Jn7:1-11; This scene brings up images of Donald Trump in his reality show, saying with such clarity and finality ‘you are fired/hired!’. Today i am overwhelmed by the simplicity of the forgiveness with no condemnation that Christ has extended to me.
    – Thank you Lord for loving me with great gentleness and compassion. May i always remember that regardless of the enormity of my past sin, the reality & truth is…I am forgiven!!

  5. @john 17 thanks for sharing that dream, kweli there’s a lot to draw from it.

    vs 38 resonates for me and noting that the holy spirit flows from within – like a stream of living water; giving life. Its available to all who thirst – hakuna shortage.

    V48 shows how Jesus gave direct access to all who believed they didn’t have to go thru the rulers or pharisees to get to him. What a precious Gift.

    Thank you dear Lord for the great privilege of coming straight to u when I’m in need of refreshment. May I find you when I come to you and may the streams of living water continually flow within me. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen

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