Staying Connected – Week Three

Here are this week’s readings from the gospel of John. Enjoy! Look forward to hearing about your daily briefings…

 MON 6:25-59
TUE 6:60-70
WED 7:1-24
THU 7:25-52
FRI 8:1-11
SAT 8:12-47

Later Updates

Finally, it’s here! The very first Mizizi season of the new decade launches this Tuesday (19th) at the Mavuno Dome, starting at 5.30pm. Transport will depart from town at 5.00pm from Studio One on Moi Avenue. If you or anyone you know have not yet experienced Mizizi, you certainly don’t want to miss this!

PS. For the uninitiated, Mizizi is a ten-week course that is designed to help you connect with God, connect with your divine purpose, and connect with vital relationships that will help you achieve that purpose. What a great way to start a new decade! See you there.

In my reading today, I was struck by the fact that many people followed Jesus because of the benefits that came with it, especially after he performed a miracle that fed 5000 people. Their basic approach was ‘what’s in it for me?’ They were more interested in the blessing than in the one who blessed. Jesus’ challenge reversed that. He wanted them to pursue knowing him not because of the physical benefits, but because knowing him in itself was the way to find life. They needed to hunger for God in the same way that they hungered for daily bread.

This is helpful to me as I engage in a season of prayer and fasting. Lord, I confess I often follow after you because of the many blessings that come with it. Help me however, never to confuse the blessing with the one who blesses. You are more important to me than any blessings that you give me. Teach me to hunger and thirst for relationship with you as I hunger for my daily food. AMEN


20 responses to “Staying Connected – Week Three

  1. Hey y’all, today’s reading to me was encripted and not sure if i have a brief for the day but one verse stood out given that i want to remain connected to the vine…vs56 ‘whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him’.
    PstM please enlighten me on what drinking christ’s blood is and eating his flesh means.

  2. Vs 27 definitely stood out for me talks about focusing our energy not on food but on the search for eternal life that only Jesus can give. During my LG on Saturday our leader shared something profound; Live today is such a way that you will access the after life! Am I living a life that will allow me access to eternal life by staying on the things that touch the heart of God… Lord help me keep my eyes on the prize

    @ Gacheri am sure Pst M will elaborate on this but I think Jesus meant that we stay connected on Him. I think that is why He told the disciples during the last supper that the bread symbolized his body and the wine his blood which was shed for us. He commanded that we share in such a meal in rememberance of Him… thats why we have Holy Communion as a rememberance that Jesus died for us and he commanded us to continue that memory…. I hope this helps
    Baraka tele!

  3. hi all. I’m so excited to already be on week 3 – its been such an awesome time of reading God’s word and iv bn sooo looking forward to my quiet time. Pst M I must say I noticed how u and the rest of pastoral team were so on fire this sun – breakthrough was vibrant in an awesome way and all of u looked so RADIANT!

    I’ll share from 6:1 since I didn’t post my thoughts already.

  4. … Cont
    The feeding of the 5,000: philip’s analysis shows us just how big a miracle this was! I notice how Jesus provided in ABUNDANCE, not just enough to shiba – but to overflowing. Also I notice how he used what they had even though it seemed insufficient. He also did not allow anything to be wasted and asked for the disciples to pick what remained.

    Dear God’s may I always remember u are a God who cares for me, even for my stomach/daily needs. you can see my needs and are able to do much more than I can ask, think or imagine. May I bring you what I have in faith for u to bless it to multiply to meet my need. In Jesus Name.

    v22 Jesus walked on water so he could get away from the crowds. I notice the importance of quiet time & need to dissociate from ‘people pleasing’ so as not to be distracted in my work/calling.

    Dear God may I be as keen to do whatever it takes to have some quiet time to hear from u and not to be caught up in ‘popularity contests’. In Jesus Name. Amen

  5. … Cont (pardon me for the multiple posts I’m using my mobile phone. Ok this is the last one)

    Today’s reading: v44 stands out for me in that it is God the Father who draws people to Jesus and salvation. v49 – 50 the eternal perspective of eating food that leads to eternal life. I’m challenged to see beyond the here & now and things that are soon gone – to seeing to what happens after life here on earth.

    Dear God, I pray for the people on my impact list realising it is you who draws the to salvation. Dear God I pray that u will remember them with grace, mercy and loving kindness that they may not miss this opportunity to eternal life. May I also live a life that is set on things above where I will spend eternity & may I not be caught up with just my physical needs like what I eat, wear, own or what this world offers. May I instead get fulfilment from consuming u Jesus, living a life of faith, righteousness & doing what u ask of me. In Jesus name. Amen

  6. Hi Pastor M,
    God bless you for the great work that you are doing at mavuno. God is truly using you to change lives.
    I would have preferred to send you an email because I don’t think this is the most relevant place for the issue I want to discuss. I have looked for your email address everywhere though and couldn’t find so I suppose this will have to do-apologies for it being in the wrong place.
    I have been reading the blog comments on the sermon for ‘It wasn’t me’. I am amazed at the number of people struggling with porn/masturbation/infedility issues. I think this is a larger problem than society or anyone acknowledges. I have a personal experience of this as I found out a while back that my husband who I have known for close to 10 years is addicted to pornography (specifically internet porn), masturbation and has cheated on me severally throughout our relationship. My world fell apart that this man I have known and loved had been living a double life all along. I cannot explain the pain I went through and are still dealing with. I did not know where to turn or how to deal with the issue. I went on an information search and although there was a lot of relevant information on the internet about help resources and counselling places, it was all for America/Europe. There are no facilities that I know of in Kenya that specifically deals with porn/masturbation addiction. I also don’t know of any counsellors trained in this area. From what I read and watching my husband (who is by the way successful in all ways and one of the most likeable people) struggle with this, I realised what a serious and deep issue it is. It is capable of destroying lives and indeed does. Prayers of deliverance are not enough (my hubby has had this a couple of times and still went back); I think the issue needs to be dealt with further by providing the necessary counselling and support resources (sort of like AA), since it is an addiction just like people are alcoholics. I have been continously praying to God about this and felt that I need to bring this issue to the attention of someone who is in a position to do something about it. I feel you are that person. I would be delighted if this caught your attention and I heard from you. My email is provided. God bless you.

  7. today’s reading just synchronizes and affirms what we are learning in church this month. we MUST be connected to God, there is no other way. and i like the way Jesus emphasized this over and over again all through out the reading. and the reading ends with Jesus affirming our mandatory connection to the Source in vs 57 “Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me (yaani us, as Christians who have given our lives to Him and connect with Jesus) will live because of me”.
    nothing else gives us eternal life except our connection and total surrender to the Father thru Jesus Christ His Son Amen!!

  8. Hi blessings,
    I feel your pain and i thank God for leading you to look for help for your husband. Am sure Pastor M will get back to you and if by sunday he hasnt managed please just approach him or Pastor S(not sure whether he is around)and you will get assisted.Encourage your husband to also, alone or together, approach the Pastors, let no feelings of shame,guilt or fear hold you or him back its what the devil uses to fuel the addiction.You are right accountability and support are really important for total deliverance of addiction.Be encouraged there is nothing ati too difficult for God he is able and you are on the right path.

  9. @ Blessing thank you soo much for sharing and being open about an area that is totally difficult. Indeed many people are struggling in this area and it is one of the areas that has held them back in ministry. I would say with @ Jade, please seek out Pst M after the service he will always be willing to hear you out and it is much easier than getting him on the email. If this does not feel like much of a solution kindly drop me a line on to take this further.
    Baraka tele!

  10. Had I been present when Christ made those remarks; to eat His flesh and drink His blood, I think that the imagery would have been lost on me. I am sure I would have thought ‘How preposterous!!!’ – And yes, I may have walked away! Lord, help me to stay connected. To trust, even when I dont understand. Only you can achieve this in me. My natural inclination is to analyze logically… and this is not always useful. Help me know what you are doing, and my part in it, and to stay put.

  11. Im so excited bout the Mizizi course.Im new in the church and wud luv to take part in it.The problem is,im a new mum and hence the time for the sessions (i.e. tue 5:30pm or sunday 8:30am)are abit tricky for me.I am sure this is a sentiment shared by many new mums out it possible to have a sunday session that starts at maybe 10:00am which is much more “time-friendly”.hey this could even be a session set aside for other mothers like myself.Kindly let me know.God bless!

  12. @blessing – Thank you for sharing about your husband and his addictions. I know it is very confusing and painful for you but there is hope. I suggest joining mizizi. This is a first step to begin the breaking of the addiction. From here both of you can find out what is fueling the addiction and what to do about it. I am not promising that the problem will be solved but you will definitely get some vital help into beginning the journey into breaking those addictions.

  13. Today’s reading (thursday) reminded me of a song ‘if God was one of us…’ and it made me wonder if Christ walked in Nairobi today, would i recognise him, would his words and miracles draw me to him, would i be such a strong believer that he is the messiah to defend him in public or would i like others shy away so that i dont look ‘different’. As i reflected, i remembered an incident last week when i had an opportunity to publicly say a prayer and speak favor to a friends situation but i didnot because of the negative comments and facial expressions made by others in the room. I felt so bad that i decided to send her text later in the day of what i had wanted to say in my prayers.
    Lord help me recognise you in my mundane and also bravely exercise my faith regardless of the audience.

  14. @ Stella,that’s a great idea. Have forwarded your comment to the people in charge.

    @ blessing, great talking to you and hope all the feedback you’ve received here has been encouraging. God is able to help you turn a mess into a message, and I can’t wait to hear your testimony when He’s done! God bless and have a blessed day.

  15. “Today’s reading(this was thursday last week reading)is 5:1-14. A man paralyzed for thirty eight years, yet the first question Jesus asks him is ‘do you want to be healed?’! You’d expect the answer to be obvious. But Jesus knows that it’s possible for people to get so adjusted to living in less than optimal conditions that they no longer think change is possible or even necessary” Pastor M’s write up.

    Sorry i have quoted pastor M’s words so you could understand me.

    I need your prayers, pastor M and whoever will read this………I have been looking for a baby for more than ten years now, been to two surgeries……and never got married as am worried of what might come of my marriage without kids…… So i decided to be sinlge. I had gotten used of my life……without a baby and a husband too.

    Please note that am in my late thirties and i had accepted to live my life without someone to share my highs and lows with or to give my love to i.e a husband and a baby…..this is one of my saddest experience.

    So when Pastor M’s mentioned……”adjsuting to living in less than optimal conditions that they no longer think change is possible or even necessary….” I felt i had accepted to live mylife in a lonely way and change was impossible…..

    However, to cut the long story short….one of my resolutions for this year, is to dedicate this year to God and to believe and trust that he will bless me with a husband and a baby. I believe that he will answer my prayers this year despite of my age factor and the doctors advice. His word surpasses all!!!!

    Kindly pray with me as i prepare to receive my blessings. Am counting on your support in prayers. Thank you.

    You don’t know what it means to look for a baby till it dawns on you that you are unable to get one…….its one of the painful experiences of my life.

    Am exposing the lie………last sunday teaching was a great encouragement for me.

    Thanks pastor M for your encouraging teachings. God bless you and your family and Mavunites too.

  16. @ Jepp I am refreshed by your sharing for it is clear that God’s word is active and living and it is better than life! And I am persuaded that God is able to to more than we could ever ask or think.

    Please seek out your lifegroup (if you are in one) as you undertake this journey, you will find that this offers you the best support as you life. Also please take time to visit the prayer tent after service on Sunday to just agree with someone in prayer as you believe the Lord for His provision.

    I will stand with you in prayer for God to reveal the best plan in your situation, for the healing salve of His love to take you over, for Him to do as he pleases.
    baraka tele!

  17. @ Jepp, I feel you more than you can imagine! As in I have a tshirt that say’s I’ve been there! I’ll save that story for another time. Praying for you however, that God will draw you close to Him this year as you surrender to Him. I 100% agree with gogetter. And if by any chance you’re not in a lifegroup, please join Mizizi, as it’s a great place to connect. He is able!

  18. @Jepp, we shall be someone said please feel free to come to the prayer tent, we shall be more than happy to pray with you and talk some are blessed!

  19. Hey pastor M. Gosh its been a long while since i was with you guys my family.Having come back to join my family here in the uk i have not been able to find a church that is as fullfilling as mavuno. Though i am with the Kerith Community church here,its just not the same,and if it is a sin to compare churches i ask for forgivness but i would rather tell the truth.
    I was really struggling because i was not getting what it is i need from the church untill a good freind of mine here sent me the link where i am able to listen to the mavuno church sermons,and i have never had such a huge smile.i was happy.
    Though am loving listening to the sermons some of them i was at church so its like a repeat which is not wrong but,i was wondering is there a way i can get to listen to the latest sermons?actually from september because thats when i left the country to the last sunday.i really would love to feel that even though i may be thousands of miles away i am still with you guys and on the same page. please get back to me and let me know.
    I really miss serving the church(ushering) and being with the family i grew to know and love.And i cannot wait to come back and be there again.
    lastly i have a prayer request, my heart is growing weaker and i feel as though i am loosing my way.please pray that i find my way back to the safe hands of the lord,and that i may have a clear mind as to what i should do with my life.also for my first new born baby who is due sometime in march.let everything be well and go smoothly and i will have a healthy baby.
    I hope i have not written alot and sounded all confused 🙂
    God bless and thank you

  20. @ Rosemary thanks so much for sharing and it must be cold over there!!!

    Encourage yourself in the Lord and check into the blog every once in a while we are doing readings from the book of John and sharing our reflections. This is a way to feel close to the family and strengthen your heart of course!!

    Will be praying for you there is a reason the Lord has you there in this season seek to know what the assignment is as you seek Him in all things
    Baraka Tele!

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