Just about to get on the bus for the journey back ,after what can only be described as an awesome retreat! All our objectives were more than met. We have a great team that’s pumped up and ready for 2010. Watch out world, here we come!

My brief today is from John 5:19, where Jesus says “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. Father, please open my eyes so that wherever I go today, whatever conversation I enter into, I will see what you are already doing and join you in it. May this be what 2010 is about for me. AMEN


3 responses to “Open

  1. Mornin all, pastor M and team! Did you guys reach ok? Hope so, coz there’s church tomorrow! 🙂 anyway i just need to testify! After a week full of venting i think i can now testify, the Lord has been my peace and is my peace and will be my peace to eternity! Yesterday i didn’t look forward to life group! Am sure you can imagine that its easier to vent on paper, blog, facebook, twitter but to do that in front of life group members its not as easy! Especially when you have always provided the shoulder for others to cry on! So anyway hesitantly i went! And each time it approached my time to share, my heart would skip a beat, and my stomach would do a nervous rumble, i didn’t want to! I burst out in tears when they asked the dreaded question, ‘how have you been! ‘ but not like you pastor M 🙂 mine was a bit dignified LOL! Anyway i couldn’t hold back, its like i took them on an internal journey of my mind and heart! Without hesitance, i stripped myself to an emotional nudity! It was worth it! They encouraged me, they just showed love, and when we took our session to the next level, i.e prayer session, they prayed over me, prayers i can now testify have just brought this internal calmness, a peace beyond my understanding. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. Life group ended at 2 am and i wanna back. If one day they read this, i want them to know I Love them all so much, and i thank God that they are one of the tools his using during my makeover. And thank you Pastor M, i have used your blog to vent all week, and now i testify that God is faithful.

  2. @ breaking point – wow! I’m praising God for pouring his grace on you and blessing u through yr lifegroup – that’s a powerful testimony. He has turned a breaking point to a breakthrough! May God continue to bless u in yr walk and may he deliver you from all your dis ease.

    @ pst M and Mavuno team. I’m thanking God for hearing our prayers for a blessed retreat and journey mercies.

    Today’s brief (im behind by one day) What stands out for me is how Jesus keeps repeating ‘I tell you the truth..’ and what wonderful word of hope and life he speaks. Even to ressurection, justice and salvation. And for all these he just asks us to believe!

    Dear Lord may I pay the greatest price that u ask me to by ALWAYS having FAITH in you and BELIEVING in God as u reveal him in the TRUTH you speak and your TESTIMONY. In Jesus name. Amen

  3. @ Breaking Point your testimony sums up what the church of Jesus Christ MUST be doing! I love it love it!

    @ Pst M good to have you back yesterday was phenomenal and I continue to pray that God is going to grant you courage and wisdom to take this to its complete end and protection from the enemy as well.

    @ Child of God that is amazing yesterday during the worship all I could do was just pray Lord make me believe thats all I pray
    baraka tele!

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