Sold Out


The coast off-site is going really well; I’m thankful for all of you who are praying for us. We have a great staff team and I’m honored that God would chose me to lead them. My biggest take-out yesterday was the thought that it’s lonely at the top. Every kingdom leader needs to stay connected to God, because there are times what God has called them to do will go against the flow of the culture, and few will walk with them or understand. At such times it’s so easy to throw in the towel and want to fit in and be like everyone else. I’m praying every one of these amazing team members will stay connected to God and to each other this year.

So, back to John… today’s reading was about the woman at the well, another story I’m quite familiar with. It’s an amazing story about Jesus crossing barriers of ethnicity, gender and religion to share about Father’s love. And about a woman who no one thought well of, and yet who ended up bringing hope to her family and town. What grabbed me was Jesus’ phrase in verse 34, ‘My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work’.

Lord, I sense this is one lesson you want me to learn this year. How to be so sold out to you that the satisfaction of carrying out your commands is more important to me than even material blessing. And I pray that today, before I enter into any conversation or make any decision, you would remind me to ask for your wisdom and direction.  AMEN


6 responses to “Sold Out

  1. Hey Pastor M, Thanks for not losing momentum!! Some comments on the readings have been done in the yesterday’s post. All the best at the retreat may the Father’s presence be refreshing to you and the rest of the team. Baraka tele!

  2. Hey Pasi,

    hope you are enjoying the sun and sand, i have finally joined in the blog i honestly feel that God is call me to get to the next level and i am truly enjoying His great mercies and this growth could not have happened if i didnt kuja to Mavunoand floowed the call to salvation am one year into His calling and enjoying it

    Like you and i think i speak for many others throwing in the towel has been a thought once or twice but the thot of conforming to the mediocre maisha naaaah! its like i nbow cant imagine maisha without God in it… that’s what keeps me going.

    a query my mom asked me a question and i have read through the new testament gateway-ed Googled and gotn nothing so i will shoot ” who was the disciple present during Jesus last moments at the cross and who He( Jesus) told his mother Mary that this is now your son’?

    anyway…more kesho as i try catching up with y’all (one week later)
    Jay Jay

  3. Hi all. Its great to hear that the staff retreat is going well. We will continue in prayer. Another powerful scripture reading. My brief as a prayer:

    Dear Lord, may I realize constantly that with the gift you have given me of living water I will never thirst again. May I claim and walk in that promise consciously and by faith when situations entice me. May you expose and help me deal with any sin that may hinder my access to this gift. Dear God may I worship you in every aspect of my life – in spirit and in truth. In Jesus Name. Amen

  4. Glad you are enjoying the retreat pastor m! I am going to try my best to not sound bad but i have to vent! I have been reading the book of john with you and the rest and in addition to doing these readings i have been doing a daily guide reading! But i wish i could say all this immersion in the word is giving me peace of mind, but its not! Today i read the story of the samaritan woman’s conversation with Jesus, and i noticed that she found comfort in hearing Jesus tell her what her situation was like, both that which she kept as hidden and that which she put out there. I need Jesus to tell me i know your situation and to bring me to the same deliverance the samaritan woman found. You see am at my breaking point, am self destructing and i hate it. Its so bad, that the other day i saw some guy doze off with a cigarette in his nicotine stained fingers, and i desired to be where he was. He seemed to be more at peace! Jesus! I feel like a loser,left right and centre, life feels like one big BORE! Am in need of that word, can i get that word that will set me free?

  5. Hi all, thanks for the comments. I get to read them all, even if I don’t always reply! Have been inspired by and found myself even quoting some of the insights that I get from hearing the daily briefs that different ones have shared. @ Jay Jay, that disciple is often thought to be John, our author, who rarely refers to himself by name in his gospel account.

    @ At breaking point, venting is okay! Let me encourage you to turn it into a prayer. Many times, God’s word points us not to where we are but to where we need to be. With each reading, pray that today/this month will be the year that you, like the Samaritan woman, encountered a real solution to your situation. Also encourage you to come to the prayer tent after the service and allow one of our prayer counselors to pray with you. I’m praying with you that God’s peace will be yours as He makes you over.

  6. There’s nothing better than knowing that someone is listening. Thank you so much pastor M. Am humbled that you have taken time, during your retreat to reply to our blog posts! And to the reply, WOW. That is powerful, the word points out where we should be. I like that. I will embrace that truth and do as adviced. Also thank you so much for your prayers. May the Lord bless you over and above that which you have asked or imagined.

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