Staying Connected – Week Two

Last week, we started reading devotionally through the week of John. If you’d like to join us, it’s not too hard to catch up! You can get some tips on how to read devotionally here. Here are this week’s readings…

MON 3:22-36
TUE 4:1-42
WED 4:43-54
THU 5:1-14
FRI 5:15-45
SAT 6:1-24


14 responses to “Staying Connected – Week Two

  1. Pastor M, as you begin your retreat with the staff team i pray for increased love for one another and God to confirm His calling to each individual in your team. Enjoy the sun and sand as well!

  2. Hey Pastor M,
    Been praying about the retreat as well and trust God that all will be well.
    Today’s reading is deep for me and what stood out is John testimony about who Jesus was especially at the time when his own peeps pressured him to step up his game! He talks in Vs 34 of how God sent Jesus, speaks through Him and has given Him the Spirit without limit. I want to connect with that Jesus who has God’s ear that’s for sure. Am also amazed at how John was clear on what his life was about; he was there to prepare the way of the messiah he talks of that severally, that kind of clarity of vision can only come from God. I suspect John died peaceful, happy and fulfilled even though his head was cut off; That can only come from staying connected
    Baraka tele!

  3. pastor m si u do mi a favour go tafuta a buk kold ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle its dopestest oh n mavunites jst download it 4rm wattpad n chek it owt trst mi on dis

  4. hi pastor just wanted to halla at you and wish you, Carol and the family a Happy and prosperus new yr. Cheers from Safari

  5. I am totally loving this reading together of the bible thing. Am a new recruit and I have been finding it hard to read the bible…as where to start, where to end and sometimes I just say a quick prayer and ope it and read the random page selected!!! At least with this, we can do it together and discuss the bible together. Happy New Year all.
    Stais, A New Earth is Too DEADLY!!

  6. @ Carol isn’t it awesome to read the Bible and share with others about what God is saying? Am getting total value I tell you. @ Stais have not read the book but the author Eckhart Tolle is a teacher on spiritual enlightenment. However I know that his books draw teachings from Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism as well as the Bible.

    What holds true for me is that our manual for living, The Bible (also called The Book by Madea)holds every instruction for living and as such is a final authority.

    I know Tolle’s work is quite popular especially after Oprah recommended it for her book club in Jan 2008, but I’d classify it with The Secret by Rhonda Bryne; twisted truth…dare I say it
    Baraka Tele!

  7. @ wanguisum….ai, that name is hardest! But i like what you say, twisted truth! Someone once told me, twisted truth is a lie! And thus, we arguably say, that whatever is built on those type of philosophies is nothing short of a lie! Its important we be careful what we feed our minds on, you see romans 12, talks about transformation taking place by the renewal of the mind! The mind just like the heart is vital, and we need to guard it! And now about today’s reading, i love what John says, may i decrease that he may increase! That is so powerful! 🙂 pastor m, loved what you said, paraphrased, i think what you were sayin was that we can get to a point where we feel like we got it all, we have reached, and no longer crave for God. And i had started to get that kind of attitude to be honest! I had lost a desperation for God’s guidance! Thank God for mercy, coz i have been reading 2 chronicles and from the stories, i have learnt it to be a dangerous path to follow! My prayer for mavuno and every other church in the world is that may we decrease that he may increase! He is above all!

  8. Hey, I began the readings today and was thoroughly refreshed. My inspiration was that He must increase and I must decrease. I have been faced with a seemingly impossible situation recently and have focussed so much on the fact that I need an answer from God. Today as I reflected on this verse I realized that I need to ask God to increase in my life more and more. As I did this I realized that when we make room for God’s greatness our problems become really really small.

  9. I’m blessed by John’s confession He must become greater; I must become less. Its my prayer today. I’m reminded of a quote:

    All of me, None of Him;
    Less of me, More of Him;
    None of me, All of Him.

    Dear Lord, may I realize that my purpose is God given and ordained from heaven. May you reveal that purpose to me and work on me (my pride, ego, selfishness) so that I don’t hinder your will from taking place. Let there be none of me but all of you. In Jesus Name. Amen

  10. @ Haddasah lol! perhaps gogetter is easier to remember! I was logged on to my own blod hence the wanguisummedup! But I feel you about guarding what goes into our minds.
    Since Pastor M has not blogged on the readings today (I suspect the retreat is moto?, I will share what I got from the readings today. I have read about the Samaritan Woman’s encounter with Jesus but imagine today what came alive was the fact the Jesus shocked her just by talking to her. Jews were not meant to interact with Samaritans; that was clear to each tribe and it was acceptable but Jesus just goes sits by a well in their village and talks to a woman! A Samaritan woman… maybe it was my state of mind (read the racist review on Avatar and read Pastor M’s Msafara posts most of yesterday), but then again it could be the Lord speaking to me on the need to just do what needs to be done. How many times does the status quo stop me from being what God wants me to be. Too many times I have yielded to the pressure of the driver behind me to skip the lights because there is no traffic from the right, I have formed a forth lane on the three lane road to get to work or home faster (even to my Ombi class!) and the instances in my life are endless.
    Lord help me be who you want me to be with little regard to the systems, habits or opinions that be in place… may I share you love endlessly
    Baraka tele!!

  11. Gogetter/wanguisummetc(very hard), I agree, A New Earth and The secret share alot and one has to sober enough to know what to take in and what to leave coz those books can really change one’s thinking and views on life but all the same, I think it is good to know what is out there. Let us not just shut ourselves in a cocoon and live in a world that is sheltered. We are always told in Church that we are being sent into the world to spread the news…we need to familiarise with that world!!!

    Today’s reading was deep. What jazzed me most was the story of life giving water and never being thirsty again. Before I became a recovering sinner I remember always looking out for the latest songs and trends and just getting caught up in a search for the latest and hottest. Trust me, that has changed for the better, I now find myself listening to Hope FM while driving or just any preaching going on…true thirst for the scriptures and am….well…very glad.

    And as our series in church calls for, Let us strive to drink from the well, let us listen to God and follow his Teachings. People, this is what we have been called for.


  12. @ Carol I totally hear you on this one, we are meant to be the hope of the world and we had better be clear on what going on in the world if we are to make an impact that brings on the total transformation of God’s People. Here is what I do with most of the literature I land; I read it under a light, the light of scripture, if it conforms to The Book then its in but if it does not then it is twisted truth.

    And isn’t having a spring inside refreshing?
    Baraka tele!

  13. Hi all, thanks for the comments. @ Gogetter, I agree. We need to read widely and not hide in a Christian ghetto. However, we also need to be careful to examine what we are reading to see if it conforms to scripture, which is our guide for life.

    John, our gospel writer, warns us in 1John.4:1-3 ‘Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets are in the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknoledges Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God’.

    As much as I love to read widely, I have the same strong reservations about ‘A New Earth’ as I do about ‘The Secret’. Please read the following articles, not necessarily the best written but expressing reservations that every Christian needs to have about these books and about Oprah – a gifted, charismatic and compassionate leader, and yet one whose beliefs are very different from the standard that John mentions above.

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