Popular or Right

Wrote a piece yesterday about the book of John that I was planning to put up today but I have a computer virus that just ate my homework! Aargh! ICU for my laptop today.

Okay, real quick because there’s a blackout and my battery’s about to die… today’s word for me has to do with how Jesus avoided doing the popular thing and instead did the right thing. Lord, help me be like that today. Help me hear your word so that my reference point will be what you want me to do/say, not what will make others like me. AMEN

P.S. A note about using commentaries for your devotional reading – they can be a great reference if you need some clarification on something you didn’t understand. Please avoid starting with them though, as they can become a short-cut to learning to hearing God’s voice for yourself. As in why do I have to wait on God and try hear what He’s saying to me when I can just take what He said to someone else and do it!


7 responses to “Popular or Right

  1. Morning Pastor,

    Thanks for staying connected to your blog no matter what! Actually, that’s the first thing that hit me concerning today’s post; that you get affected by blackouts & viruses.
    From the reading (which I assumed to be 2:12-25), I noticed Jesus’ caution when dealing with men (24-25).
    I also noticed how he took time to ‘make a scourge of small twigs’ (v.15) before beating the daylights out of the traders (okay, that’s a bit exagerated) :-).

  2. Hi all. Its great to see that Pastor M you are sticking with it despite the frustrations. That is an encouragement to me. I’m reminded that all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose.

    For me i notice Jesus having authority that could not be ignored. Imagine him as a single person in a great market place chasing people, animals, overturning tables and people obeying him and leaving the temple. No-one held him back or fought back; his zeal convicted them of their wrong.

    I also see a distinction between the house of God and the temple. I see Jesus confirming that our bodies are the temple of God.

    May I boldly take a stand, with conviction when I see wrong happening. May I rise to the call to action with zeal and not water it down by blending in with the crowd and status quo. May I honour my body as the temple of God and treat it well and not destroy, dishonour or exploit it. May I also not entrust myself to man by putting my hope, faith, trust or life in their hands. May I instead place these in God. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  3. I was struck by the fact that Jesus started with a lot of boldness!! A guy shows up from Shagz (Jerusalem was not his hometown – and he came from Nazareth where Nathanael reckons nothing good would come out of…), heads straight to the temple where brisk business is going on. I mean these traders are probably making a living out of this trade. This guy from shagz, unafraid, attacks them (Physically!!), throws them out ruining the forex trade (money changers) and stock market (read cattle, goats and doves) around the temple, rendering many people jobless!!! When they demand to know the source of his authority, he dares them to destroy the temple which he would then raise in 3 days. I am sure Jesus knew they would misunderstand him and dared to say it anyway… How about that for fearlessly beginning to influence a city!!

  4. Wow… thanks for your input people. It’s certainly obvious that we learn more together than apart! @ Judy & Child of God, I thoroughly feel your briefs. I’m praying right now that God will help all at Mavuno to stand up fearlessly in all the different sectors of society as we impact our city and continent.

  5. Something that was an Aha moment for me besides what others have contributed above…it infact came much later after i had finished my QT and was washing dishes..(I digress).
    The fact that the people were trading and doing all sorts of things in the temple and Jesus physically & forcefully stopped them, then later He dares them to destroy the temple and He can build it in 3 days.Here they thought he meant the building while he meant His body…I then figured that trading and doing business in the temple could also mean, at a personal level using my body, mind and a spirit (which is the temple) to do things that are not glorifying God, things that my body should not be doing,thinking, things that i was not created for just like that Temple was not build to be a market..hence i am also doing business and trading just like those people did!
    God! may i use everything that you have given me for your glory!

  6. Thanks to you all for sharing your QT thoughts with the rest of us. I love reading the different ways God speaks to us all. I ended at the same conclusion as Pst M though in a diffent way. The Jews asked Jesus to perform miracles so that he can prove his authority to chase them out of the Temple. Did they really need a miracle to prove that they were doing wrong???????? Who would feel right about running biashara in a church? His answer is the proof this…. the guy talks about destroying the temple and rebuilding it in 3 days…………. (Note how they moved on from the miralcles to now question his destroying of the temple)…..

    I love how he dealt with people who doubted him…

    Anyway, my brief for the day has been that I don’t need proof that i am doing wrong for me to KNOW that it is wrong. God help me always do WHAT IS RIGHT regardless.

    Be blessed guys!

  7. I am going to be a little bit controversial or say….devils spokesman….and take the reading literally…. Jesus chased people awa for conducting business in His fathers house ….. literally…..someone please explain to me how different is mavuno harvest (enterpreneurs open day) we had a few months ago from what those g…

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