Not About Me

I had a great meeting yesterday with our new executive team and I marveled at how God has brought such great leaders to Mavuno. We also moved into our new offices and as nice as they are, it’s obvious we’re going to have to increase the space pronto! Today’s our first staff meeting where we’ll be introducing our new interns. We’ll be away on a staff retreat next week… As you can imagine, relationship-building among our 50+ strong team is going to be a key priority in this first quarter. Please pray for wisdom for this as well as for the upcoming sermon series.

 John 1:35-51 is all about pointing others to Jesus. I’m amazed by John’s humility! He doesn’t try to hold on to his best friends and co-workers but having served with them perhaps even for years, he voluntarily releases when Jesus appears on the scene. It reminds me of the saying ‘it’s amazing how much people get done when nobody cares who gets the credit!’

 I’m also struck by the simple phrase by Philip to Nathaniel, ‘come and see’. The best thing I can do for my friends and family members is to point them to Christ. And the simplest way to do so is by letting them see what God has done for me.

 Lord, you said this yesterday and you’re saying it again today… it’s not about me! Help me not to live for the applause of others but to give you all the credit where I excel and to help others around me shine. I pray too that you will help me point someone to you today through what you’ve done for me.


7 responses to “Not About Me

  1. Deep Pastor M and thanks for the commitment to update this daily. I feel you on John just stepping back when Christ came into the scene. Honestly it would have been very easy for him to want to hold on knowing how difficult a life he’s had just so he can prepare the way for Jesus.

    For me what came alive when Phillip when to Nathanael was Christ response to this man of God, did you believe because I told you that I had seen you under the tree and before he could say anything Jesus told him, you will see greater things; what an amazing statement still keeping with the stay connected no matter what… it honestly is about staying locked to Jesus not for the things He can do but because it is what He desires.

    Today I read all of 2 (was behind a few days) and what stood out was Vs 22-25, that Christ knew what men were all about no one needed to tell him about human nature. I think for me this means because He knows, why not just connect with him no matter. Today morning I just sense God tell me just as I am lets get on with this, peace be still lets get on with this.
    Thanks Pastor M God Bless

  2. I like the idea that all we have to do is point others to Christ, through our words, actions, value systems, etc. It sure beats trying to argue and convince others about Christ. I thank God for His word, sincerely, because this year has started in such an upbeat way, I have that tiny part in me asking whether I have what it takes to walk in all God has promised for this year. Pastor M, I totally identified with the panic attack you had last year, wondering if you had it in you to continue leading the rapidly growing church. I have struggled with that ‘fear of success’ for quite a while but as we sang the song about no limits, for once in my life I felt something give, I felt…ready, and that because of the synergy of what you shared, the sermon on John 5 and the no limits song. Dudes, this is going to be one of those “remember what happened back in 2010′ years, I just feel it in my bones! haha

  3. Hey Pastor M
    Though I am in the pruning/incubation phase of my life,I am grateful I have started my daily devotionals through the book of John.I have now made yesterday’s line that you wrote “help me be a true witness” that irrespective of my circumstances it is not about me but being a true bearer of Christ’s name,after all it’s more than just a title to say I am a Christian,I must point it out to others by my living with the Word remaining in me.YOU DEFINTIELY STARTED MY YEAR OF WITH A LIFESTYLE CHANGE by simply helping me to learn how to get close by these baby steps in daily Bible reading as i’ve always struggled to knw hw to read and apply the Bible to everyday living.Shukran Pastor M!

  4. Pastor M, it was great to hear you talk about your panic attack on sunday I was so encouraged knowing you also go through phases of self doubt. It really resonated with me as towards the end of last year God gave me great opportunity to work with a local media house beating over 20 other applicants.
    But when I got to the really work I felt empty and short of what is expected of me and was even considering quitting! I doubted if I was good enough and if I will measure up but your sermon gave me a new impetus and am now ready to go trusting God to give me the strength and ability after all we can do all things through Him……
    About leading others to Christ…here I get totally lost….. I am only a month and a half in my new found faith(thanks to Mavuno) and with my place of work I am not even a drop in the ocean( after all I am just a naive intern to many) and my main concern now is to stay grounded in my new way of life but I hope that through it i’ll get to do it. BLESSINGS

  5. Greetings to you all. Thanks Pastor M for guiding us in the next reading.

    What stands out for me is how Jesus was not anxious about how things would come together for his ministry. Can you picture him walking in the countryside and the towns; being in the right place. Then the connections start happening. Not because he bombards people and makes proclamations to them. He lets them hear the call, he lets them follow him to investigate for themselves. He does not stop invitations rather welcomes new additions. He speaks to them the right words that birth faith and conviction.

    May I not be desperate or anxious trying to work out how things will fall in place. May I instead focus on God’s voice, being bold and adventurous enough to follow him, get to know him and his purpose for my life by being close to him and intimate with him. In Jesus name. AMEN

  6. @ Floh congratulations on your new appointment and I can tell you I relate to that feeling you are sharing of feeling inadequate. Above all congratulations on your joining the family of faith. Just one thing I’s urge you please enroll for Mizizi in Jan if you have not already gone through the class. I would got with @ Child of God; Be anxious for nothing and let your Father take care of you! “then the connections start happening” I absolutely love that and even take it for myself. I also refer you to Pastor M’s blog 7 ways to stay connected very very practical no matter what stage of growth in the faith you are.
    Just love God and stay connected!

  7. thanks Gogetter for the encouragement. I did mizizi last season that’s how I ended up born again and I totally agree with you on God taking care… it’s what keeping me going on knowing that the good work He has started, He is faithful to finish…. I’ll sure stay connected and hope u do too…be blessed

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