Today’s Briefing

Thanks for all your comments and am excited about all who are journeying with me through the gospel of John.

Today I reflected on John the Baptist in John 1:19-34. John knew his calling. He was very clear about one thing. It wasn’t about him. The sole purpose for his creation and existence was to point out Jesus so that his generation might believe. In a sense, we too are like John. We were born and placed where we are so that we can point others around us to the light of the world: Others in our family, workplace, neighborhood and so on.

Lord help me in all my meetings today to reflect You and to be a witness to your light. Remind me constantly that it’s not about me but always about you. And like John, help me to recognize you when I encounter you during the day. Amen!

P.S If you’re  a guy, see you at Gideon’s Torch, 4am kesho at the Mavuno Dome! Any ladies feeling inspired to wake up at 4 and be in prayer for us?


6 responses to “Today’s Briefing

  1. Good morning Pastor M.

    First- 4am?… ahem… I’ll try my best

    Second- Thanks for sharing your reflection on the reading with us. I didn’t get a chance to… well… verify something I read yesterday- vs. 12-13.

    This really encouraged me, mainly because I just finished watching the [rather depressing] movie Precious. My mama always says that we as Christians are really really really lucky to have God as our father, and to even understand what that means. Just being ‘connected’ to God (and really understanding what it means to us) saves us from so much heartache and stress and angst that many non-believers go through, although there are many non-believers who go through life having a great time.

    I don’t know. Those two verses struck me, and made me really think. It means that it doesn’t matter what has happened before accepting Jesus into my heart. I’m God’s child. Actually, I now have the “right” to be his child. That means all the rights that Jesus as God’s child has, even I can lay claim to (ok- correct me there if I’m wrong) if I walk with the Lord and ‘stay connected’…

    My prayer was that I’d be given the words to speak into the lives of the people I met, since they are also children of God (or have the potential to be).

    Anyway, just sharing…


  2. Hi pasi. I just started reading your blog and I must say, deep stuff right there. It’s so refreshing to have a pastor who’s so open to people’s opinions and suggestions and who shares so openly. We dont get much of that around. I’ve been following with you on the readings and will continue to do so. One thing that strikes me about John is, like you said, he knew who he was. He didnt have an identity crisis like so many of us-read me-do. He was sure about himself and the message he was bringing. Because of this he was able to realize that the Christ he was speaking of was greater than he was and therefore made it all about him. He was able to humble himself because he knew who he was. Yaani, he was speaking about a guy he had not seen with such surety it’s amazing. He believed with a vehemence that no one could sway him. My prayer is that I’ll be as sure of my calling as John was and I’ll hold on to it no matter what. Be blessed.

  3. hey Pastor M,

    I am very excited about this month, i cannot wait for the new series. The sermon on Sunday was on point, what? i have been thinking about it every day.

    The most exciting bit was when you talked of reading the book of John, my vision this year is to get intimate with God and i had bought a bible study guide to be able to read through the Bible,how timely this was. I want to stay connected through his word, be a prayer warrior and continue to serve him at Mavuno.

    i am definitely with you all the way to study the word of God. i am amazed that i have read John before but what i got out of the first two reading is amazing let me share in brief
    1. That Papa is life and if i proclaim his name and believe He gives me the privilege to be called God’s child not by birth or human decision but i am born of God….. what this is deep and amazing.
    2. John was able to recognize Christ and said this is the one i told you about, i am privileged to know Christ and have a responsibility to tell others of Christ coz i know him through his grace and the holy spirit. this is amazing… that we know him and we can talk and lead others to him….

    i am soo happy i cannnnot explain,how blessed i feel and to add it all up i am a student at Kingdom Business…

  4. Hi thanks passi for the opportunity to help us go thru the bible together.Am not a member of mavuno but i do visit,i was there on sun and i was so blessed.I have just read thru from verse 1 and the verse that has stricked my heart is verse 9″The TRUE LIGHT that gives light to every man was coming into the world”
    The reason i have written true light in caps is because i felt that we need to be very careful because there can be also FALSE light.The good news is….How long can it last or stand?Let us all be very careful,watch and pray to avoid being deceived,John could not be deceived because he was a prayerful and a very watchful man.Stay Connected
    Thanks.God bless.

  5. waaaaaahhh my pastor,,,,i wont even try and say that i’ve had a chance to read your briefing….am ticked off, so ticked off that hands are trembling wanting to hit someone…
    i work at and firm that’s headed by asians and anyone who works for them can attest that they have a way of stretching one’s patience….would you believe there’s racial discrimination?? as in its so real…that one of the indians has told a colleague of mine who is black that he does not take instructions from Wildlife..yaanii heeheeee am in utter disbelief…

  6. Thanks Pst M for taking us on this journey with you. I just started jana but I believe I can catch up. Some things that stand out for me:

    I think of my state before I saw the light of Christ.. how deceived I was – in ways that promised ‘a good time’ but yet brought darkness, depression, loss. I thank Jesus for light and revealing His glory – I have seen His grace and truth. May I like John testify to this to those I encounter around me.

    I am who God says I am. I like how John responded to his identity by quoting scripture. He did not flow with the praise and glamor that was being heaped on him. He was content in the identity God had given him. As for me I’m not a superstar or icon to be put on a pedastal. I say I am a child of God.

    John gave his testimony and it was based on what his saw; he was a witness. May God open my eyes to be aware to what he is doing. May I be a willing witness to tell those around me.

    In Jesus Name. Amen

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