7 Tips For Staying Connected

Here are some tips for all of you who are following in the devotional readings through the book of John…

  1. Find a quiet space when you’re most alert (morning for me but lunchtime or evening for others)
  2. Plan for at least 30 minutes un-interrupted
  3. Begin by thanking God for the day, then bring to mind all the meetings/assignments you have that day. Invite God to give you your briefing for the day as you read
  4. Read through the recommended section of scripture and see what particular phrase or thought jumps out at you. For instance, the passage might point out a sin you need to confess, a promise you need to claim for that day, an example you need to follow, a command you need to obey or a truth about God that should change how you operate
  5. Finish the time with prayer that God will guide your day according to that scripture and give you opportunities to bless others through it
  6. Set your watch, phone or computer alarm to ring every hour and remind you of that truth
  7. During the day before any conversation or decision, ask God for wisdom to apply His briefing to that situation!

Remember, stay connected, no matter what!


9 responses to “7 Tips For Staying Connected

  1. Pastor M what a powerfull sermon, it was a reality check for me , last year after Doing my SOP (0mbi) retreat me with some guys felt God presence on QT and we Started waking up at 3am on the last day of the retreat .We saw the Impotance of Quite time with God. We invited our life group to join us and we woke each other at 3 am and have 30 to 1 hr prayers individualy .It was exiting experince my wife also joned me in it.at that period we saw a lot blessings to us and an our familys.we did this for almost two months then we realized the 3am phone call reduced some pple went mteja ,the few left continued then the energy reduced drastically ,we meet and prayed about it revived it and brought time to 4 30 the 5am the energy came but soon we had a black out.I personally still have the will and i believe my QT partners have but the question is how do we maintain the energy when reality checks in?. please advise felix

  2. Pastor M. the sermon yesterday was beautiful and challenging as i have never done QT seriously before. I started this morning by reading the book of John as per the suggested readings. For the first time in a long time something felt really right. As much as my family is not a prayerful one (by the way i have tried to get them there but all i get are the usual, si we all pray seperately,)but through me, a mavunite, they will soon see how important and how of value this QT is.

  3. The sermon yesterday set the pace for this year for me. mavuno is not my church, but everytime i plan to visit, its like my life gets a flip. I plan to attend the extreme make over series and am sure by the time its over, i’ll be a different person altogether!

    I started the devotional reading today and the every hour reflection is not easy but with time i know it will be a piece of cake! Thanks and may God bless you, your family, and Mavuno church.

  4. I’m with u on this one Pst M.Thanks a lot for the tips and for opening up your heart to us! God bless you!

  5. Hi Pastor M, and everyone else. I must say, the Stay Connected message was completely on point for me but what really gave me goosebumps is the fact that during the last week of 2009, God began to speak to me about being connected to Him through 2010 and the scripture He gave me was 2 Kings 2 where Elijah is being taken up to heaven. He began to show me that if Elisha hadn’t been connected to Elijah as they went along, in the physical but more so in the spiritual, he would have missed his blessing. Remember what Elijah told Elisha, if you see me taken up, you will recieve what you asked? That is what I felt God was saying to me, if I stay attentive/ connected/ close to Him this year, then nothing less than a double portion of His annointing and blessing await me. So when I heard the sermon, I was blown away as it was a powerful confirmation of what God had been saying! This year will be life changing for many many people, I tell you, and as Mavunites, I belive we are at the frontline of not only having our lives transformed but also to be used of God to transform the lives of others through what God is doing in, through, for and with us.

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  7. Pastor M,
    I field this here for lack of a better place. Please forgive me.
    I feel we are bringing up a “toothless” generation in our sunday school classes by giving these beautiful children sweets or lollipops! We teach our children not to eat sweets back home yet they are given in sundry school hence creating a conflict in our effort to teach them healthy eating. I suggest we scrap them altogether or better still, replace these sweets with sweet bananas as they are cheaper and healthy. As lollipop cost Ksh. 10 whereas a sweet banana costs Ksh.5.

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