Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Can you believe that it’s already 2010? On behalf of my family, let me begin by wishing you and yours a very joyous, prosperous and healthy New Year. I’m pretty excited about 2010. As I write this, I’m at Mavuno Church, preparing to share my first message of the year. I sense it will be a year of unprecedented blessings and that God has some exciting things in store for us as individuals, as a church and as a nation. This seems quite contrary to the pessimistic things that I read in the media. But don’t you just love it that the bible says our faith is not based on the wisdom of men but on the power of God (1Corinthians 2:5)?

So here’s to a great year. Our first series of the year is ‘Extreme Makeover: Life Edition’. Our prayer is that God will use it to rebuild and renovate the lives of many who love God and yet are held back in their progress by issues – big or small. Baggage from the past. False messages we have believed. I sense many of us are either there or have friends and family members who are. So let me invite you to come let’s learn together and also to invite others.

Many of us have set New Year plans for 2010. In addition to your personal goals and desires, it’s even more important that you realize that God wants you to connect your goals and aspirations to Him and His kingdom purposes. Everyone wants more money, a nicer house or car and better relationships, but what makes you stand out is when you seek to align your life with His will and purposes.

One of the things I’m doing to help me ‘abide’ in Him in 2010 is reading devotionally through the gospel of John. The plan is to do so during the first couple of months of the year ending just around the time of Easter. You’re welcome to join me! See the first week’s readings below. I’ve included six readings per week, just in case you miss an extra day and need to catch up. I’ll be sharing more from my own learning as I go. Please comment and let me know if you’re able to do this with me!

May this be a year of much blessing and favor for you!

Pastor M

1.             1:1-18
2.             1:19-34
3.             1:25-51
4.             2:1-11
5.             2:12-25
6.             3:1-21


19 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Pastor,
    Today was my first day at Mavuno, though I got a bit late I was greatl blessed by the sermon.
    I think all through the sermon you were referring to me as needing the ‘pruning’. Please pray for me for Gods guidance as I embark on major changes in my life.
    Again thank you for helping me reflect on my life.


  2. What is required in order to have Jesus ABIDE in us and we in Him?

    Can we do it:
    1. By accepting Him as our our own personal Lord and Savior ?
    No. Where does the Bible say that?

    2. By the grace of GOD only? Sola Gracias?
    No. Where does the Bible say that?

    3. By faith in GOD alone? Sola Fides?
    No. Where does the Bible say that?

    It is simple common sense that since He commanded that we must do something, then doesn’t it stand to reason that He would also tell us how to do it?

    Jesus was very clear in what we must do in order to have Him ABIDE in us and we in Him.

    Jesus left this command for us in John 6:53-57:

    53 “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you (the taken away branch);

    54 he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. 55 For my flesh is food indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.


    57 As the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so he who eats me will live because of me.”

  3. Happy new year to you and your family, Pastor M. It is quite kind of you to let us share in your devotions. I will be glad to join you in reading the book of John. Let the journey begin.

  4. That story you told of holding your daughter down was all too familiar, for I am my father’s first born daughter whom he held down as the injection caused what was then considered major pain!
    I am in the throes of hard choices and lots of uncomfortable pruning by my Heavenly Father and its all I can do not to run away and leave the walk.
    So I am very greatful for the ‘abiding’ devotion and look forward to what Daddy will have in store for me!

  5. Happy new year Pastor M. I agree that this year is one of no limits. I’ve started my devotions as well. I trust you’ll be sharing your devotions for the rest of the year. God bless.

  6. Dear Passie,

    A Happy New Year to you & your family! I pray that God will truly surprise you this year beyond what you have ever thought or imagined!

    The sermon – I spent the last quarter of 2009 planning & planning & planning for 2010 and a few days before the end of the year, I had my goals / strategy / vision-glimpse / resolutions ready and I could not wait for the stroke of midnight to begin executing this great plans. By the way, the “True North” and “Dare to dream” sermons… wacha tu!

    But I remember just stopping and saying God I don’t want to go ahead with these plans if you are not with me and I spent a bit of Saturday and Sunday praying and asking God to speak and it was great to come to Church and hear God continue in conversation through the word he gave you. Yaani may the Lord continue to use you!

    By the way, just to let you know that yesterday evening I read 2 Facebook Notes relating to the sermon and it was just great to see God’s word being preached in this way.

    Wiki njema Passie and yes, I am definitely joining in on the “John” readings.

  7. Hi

    By December God had already started the pruning in me,and i can say it’s not easy and it can be painful but what keeps me going is knowing that the plans he has for me are for good and not evil to give me a hope and a future. So for me this i have made up my mind to connect with in prayer and his word more than ever before and then everything else will fall in place as he will give me the wisdom and he will guide my paths.
    I have so many desires and plans for this year, but you know what i have laid them down at his feet. I know by the end of this year i will have a great testimony. I choose his way.

  8. Hey pastor m! I just got pruned! 😦 it really hurts but i know all will be well. So anyway God had also placed this impression on my heart, that i should study the book of John, so guess who’s joining you? Me!! 🙂 so i pray that God will reveal his love to us in a mighty way as we start this journey. God bless you, pastor carol and your entire family now and always.

  9. Happy New year Pastor M’and the Mavuno Family.

    I am indeed glad to join in the reading. I believe God is doing a new thing this 2010. So may we all watch out and have faith – ‘stay connected’


  10. Hi Pastor Muriithi, Thanks for welcoming me and family when we visited the first time two weeks ago. We were there again on 3rd and my son is beginning to make friends at the Green House and is already talking of moving church! We thank God for what he is doing in your life and ministry brother. My wife and I listened to the CD they gave us as gift to the guests and we are in prayer about I levels of involvement at Mavuno starting this year. Pray with us. We will let you know in due course.

    Suji and Helen

  11. Hey pst M. I have been coming on and off to Mavuno since the sermon of “MAN ENOUGH” and Gosh!! the sermon just swept me over like whoa!! Then I came during the “SPREAD THE LOVE”, then I missed the “SHOW ME THE MONEY” ….this one I ran crazily like a warthog to get the DVD which I’ve just finished watching it yesterday as you and Mr Wahome dropped the BOMB as it is … I like the way you put it that the sermon of prosperity is incomplete unless a christian knows the basics of it! Man!!!! That was one Great of a sermon … then jana I came for the afte service and you well put it that ANYTHING WITHOUT GOD X 0 = 0, you touched on prunning and you topped it up by stating “GET CONNECTED TO CHRIST, NO MATTER WHAT” that just made me spinning to the MIZIZI desk NIWE MEBA! Eeh pastor God bless you tele MAVUNO iwe tele kwenye basket!!!

  12. Hello Pastor M. Happy new year! I will be joining you in the Devotion. Am praying to grow deeper in God’s word this year and i believe that this will be a good start for the journey ahead. God bless!

  13. Let’s get it on, Pastor M.

    Glad to be reading through John with you and the church. I’ve never done it before, imagine!

    Happy New Year!


  14. In the spirit of Galatians 6:6 (Anyone who receives instruction in the word must share all good things with his instructor), I’m so thankful to God for this word He has brought through you.

    What stood out for me was staying connected to the vine and not being full of “activity”. It’s so easy to ‘do church’ and feel as if you’re really “in it” with God when the truth is, you spend little or no time with Him, and more time in church activities/service in the name of this God that you never spend any time with!

    That this could get me cut off from the vine was a wake up call not to live in the deception of activities. I never ever want to hear the Lord say to me “I never knew you. Away from me!”

    God bless you and yes, I’m on the John train:-))

  15. Hmm! For his glory we meet again! I totally get what you mean! 🙂 One of the stories i love is that of mary and martha! From it we learn not be found busy around Christ but to be in Christ! Seated at his feet and listening to him in the most intimate ways! 🙂 staying connected no matter what!

  16. Lol! Hi Hadassah, yes and amen. I’m so Mary this year and goodbye Martha! Well,I might morph into a superwoman who’s a mix of the best of both Mary & Martha…..Marthy?:-D Where the Scriptural references on the Mavuno blog helpful to you? Has the Lord ministered to your pain?

  17. yarni sijui niseme…the sermon was on pointest i felt you were speaking directly to me..im on a spiritual high i feel more saved than ive ever been…i left feeling spiritually replenished i could not wait to share the sermon with someone it was timely for me the illustration of 0*100=0 basically we are nothing without God unfortunately some of us try to run our own lives instead of involving God…oh what peace we often forfeit oh what needless pain we bear all becoz we do not carry everything to God in prayer!!
    this year im fully remaining in HIM!!!

  18. Wololo pastor m don be mad at us! @ for him alone yeah the scriptures were super! Today my healing begins! So about todays reading i have a few questions, who is nathanael? Does the disciple have anaa name? I find john’s account really interesting! It is so away from that of the others i.e matthew mark and luke! Pastor m, is it possible to post links where we can study a bit about john, you know a bit of a profile on him! And then is it possible for a commentary of sorts that can give deeper insights on the readings.

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