That was one great vacation! A large part of why for me was because our kids are now at an age where they think independently enough that experiencing new things with them is a treat; through their eyes, we see the world in ways we never would by ourselves.

Beached Boats

Stranded Boats

The only downside for me this last week is that you can’t be around our lakes and not get a feeling of looming environmental disaster. The beautiful mini-lake we’ve visited regularly for the last 9 years has receded greatly, by distances of over 200m in some places. The main lake is even worse; we heard of areas where the water has receded by 3 km! We might as well start building roads across and allocating plots; at this rate, Lake Naivasha may exist for future generations like Nairobi Dam exists for today’s. I suspect the same is true for many of our great R.Valley water bodies.

This needs to escalate to a number one national priority. New constitutions pale in comparison. Too much is at stake for us as a nation to play politics with the environment. A pox on all our individualistic MPs and all who support their shenanigans! I fear even what’s going on at the Mau is too little too late. If we don’t work together, each doing our part, we may soon be saying the final rites for the late great planet Earth. If we’re still there to see it, that is.

Or maybe it’s just me. Anybody out there have any good news on this issue?


9 responses to “Ruminations

  1. Pastor M bana! get someone to update this blog as in pick your thoughts so that you are not away that long!! Eeh does this sound like an application….. because it is! lol

    But I feel you on the environment, the very amount of rain we have been receiving in the past couple of years goes to show that things are thick the planet is indeed getting hotter and Prof Mathaai is not the mad woman any more! My take, its not enough to just plant trees but we must also entrench in our children the importance of conservation, that green is not just a hip word it is actually the difference between life and death for everyone!

    We must urgently understand that we are meant to live out our purpose on this earth and not what’s left of it when the carbon print is out of control

    We must cease to speak about engaging our leaders and actually begin to engage them, send emails demand their stand on this issues and shun the small minded leaders that inject siasa ya pesa nane into life and death issues.

    The good news, we can still do something however little 6 billion people doing just a little is 6 billion littles which is a massive little
    Baraka tele!

  2. I’m still (not so patiently) waiting for sermons. I’m afraid I feel like I’m actually begging to have them. Well, they’re good enough to warrant begging I guess!!

  3. Hi Gogetter, application received 🙂 Let’s talk if you’re serious! @ Wanjiru, you missed the memo – sermons are on the website – check out the link on the lower rhs.

  4. Am serious Pastor M very serious. It would be a pleasure to actually do this, i started out as a journalist and still love to write… and anyway you have said severally that we are blessed to be a blessing. I would be happy to do this

  5. The environmental situation is dire that’s for sure & humanity is rising up too slowly to the reality that we need to save our natural resources & save the earth! I work in an industry where one of the products we are introducing is IT systems that assist buildings go-green by monitoring and properly managing their infrastructure – lighting, heating, etc. The response in Kenya has been great so that’s gives me hope. Maybe their driving factor is saving cents, but hey, what matters to me is that we cut down on unnecessary use of these resources so we reduce our carbon footprint! Politicians should be “overlooked” any time they derail Kenyans from getting active and doing the right thing. Why watch them fight & argue endlessly about the Mau – we can participate in planting trees, saving water, recycling, composting, reducing use of plastic bags, switching off unused lights, getting our cars serviced (including matatu owners!) & etc, etc so we reduce carbon emissions. There’s lots we can ALL do and I agree with Go-getter – if we each do something little, it adds up to a whole lot!

    Pst. M – I don’t think it is ever too late to remedy what can be remedied. We may have lost a lot, but mankind still has a chance to rescue what we STILL have! I think that’s the message we should all “preach.”

  6. Thank u Pastor, sorry I missed memo. I have to work on patience, they say it pays. I had stopped visiting the site when the sermons stopped. Thank you once again.

  7. Thanks Pastor M for your perspective on this issue. I shared my concerns last month after a visit to Narok and Nakuru with some friends. It was sad and it deeply grieved me to see donkeys hauling sacks of charcoal by the dozens into Narok town (your guess could be as good as mine.. i.e. more of Mau still going down); seeing Lk Nakuru diminished, reading of how flamingo population has plummeted, river Mara drying up, talk of shift of focus from other water towers e.g. Abadares where felling of trees has risen etc.. Yes, this should be a matter top on national agenda and in fact, a crisis situation that needs to be treated as such. God please forgive us! through greed for power, money and wealth has seen us destroy God’s wonderful creation. The earth and its inhabitants are suffering pangs of agony. God help us all.

    In response I asked God what I could do in my position to stop this. I have plugged in with a mavuno front line initiative in Refuge and I advise us in Mavuno to do so too. Let’s pray for Mukuria, volunteer when he calls us to and also give financially.

    Pst M I see you have a trustee of Greening Kenya foundation – is there something we can do in partnership?

    I know there are interns serving in Mavuno this new year. Could we have some rally us serve in environmental conservation ministry. I believe there are many passionate Mavunites who want to fearlessly influence this sector.

    Could we also drive green business? Brainstorm on business ideas, support business in this area? Drive recycling initiatives starting with each home, lifegroup, court?

    I am very passionate about this. It is my life ambition to devote myself wholly to environmental issues at some point in my life. I am ‘Daring to Dream’ of a Kenya where our water towers will be restored, protected and reverenced; where our rivers and streams will be revived, livestock and wildlife will have food in the open green and lush plains, where homes will reduce, reuse and recycle waste as a culture

  8. @ Treelover, I love your thinking Green and especially what businesses can do about this. A friend and I are working on a project and I can contact you as soon as we have firmed it up? you game?

  9. Hi! I’m so glad to read this.. Yes I’m definately game. mmhh how do you contact me? I’ll give you my number saf22540332

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