My Managing Partner

partnerThe Lord is my managing partner, I need no insurance against loss,

He leads me into lucrative ventures,

He keeps from stress and disorder

He restores me to complete wholeness

He leads me in making ethical decisions, so that the God brand receives full recognition

Even in the face of global economic recessionchums2

I will not fear inflation

For You are with me

Your guidance and insight steer me right

You award success and favor to me, in the presence of my detractors

You give me unmerited favor, so that I always have a surplus,

Surely goodness and love will chase after me all the days of my lifeaward

And my every waking moment will be spent joyfully in God’s presence


11 responses to “My Managing Partner

  1. For where i am in my life…
    For the things i am dealing with…
    This message was meant for me.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Pastor M, was thinkg we never got down 2how Antony Wahome got out of debt, i think we need the 123s of what exactly he did-did he give a big seed-had God suggested it b4 he gave? Does God have 2prompt b4 he gives etc? Also how did God talk 2him? How does God talk 2u? Also Mizizi bk needs editing. It is 2impt! There r 2many mistakes &the worship team needs 2avoid repetitn of a song 4at least 2months. We hv an overhead, following a song is cheap. Good job. God bless. Tell us ur giving exper sometm

  3. Hey Pastor M, thanks for this and also for the talk last Monday on Finances for the Mizizi class.

    My Mizizi class has been having a follow up discussion to what you spoke about on Monday, plus what Anthony Wahome had ben teaching in October.

    The vibrant discussion has not concluded and it was agreed that we seek your clarification on the following issues:

    1. does the bible totally prohibit taking loans/mortgages(meaning it is a sin to borrow) or does it only give warnings about it?
    2. please comment on the story in 2Kings 4:1-7, was that a loan?
    3.please comment on interest free loans by banks to their staff
    4.can we follow pastor M’s model of how he dealt with his mortgage? was this not a loan?

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Hey Pastor M,
    This is great shared it with my business partner and it formed a great prayer guide for our work.
    Am also curious to see your answers to @B’s Qs
    Baraka Tele!

  5. Hi Pas, i hv a suggesn-y don’t u bring some cool mat we don’t hv here e.g. Prayer-currency of the kingdom etc by Dr. Nassir Siddiki, Bishop Eddie Long, Juanita Bynum has POWERFUL worship etc Mayb start a special, unique gospel shop/sectn as a source of income 4the church. U travel so much 2the west, u can maxmz on those trips. God bless u so much

  6. Hi Pst M,
    I’ve been dying to blog about this and didn’t know where to blog it, so I’ll just do it here anyway. Mavuno should pls pls pls construct a fly-over on Mombasa road for people who come to church from that ‘other side of Nai’. That road is a menace! Did you know there was a month that 28 people were run over (ok they weren’t coming to church… but they were ran over near there anyway). I appreciate all the fabulous projects the church has in the pipeline and esp. the model city – I cannot wait! However, I wish the fly-over would take priority. Every Sunday when I maneuver to cross that road amidst fierce on-coming traffic I ask myself for the umpteeth time, whether it’s really worth me risking my life. In the interim, maybe the church should appoint people to help pedestrians cross the road on Sundays during service times. I know, I know, it’s a highway and all… Just making a suggestion.

  7. Pastor M … What a wonderful privledge to have met you while we were there with the Mariner’s team in Nairobi. I loved the post — The Lord is my (fill in the blank for ALL in ALL)..

    Fred Gladney (& Julie)

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