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IMG_3220Have had an amazing time so far in Germany. Over the weekend taught at a conference for church leaders and this week I’m visiting various church leaders and speaking in different churches. It’s been great to meet people who come from such a different background from myself and yet who share the same passion – to start innovative churches that will engage their generation and their transform society. I’ve learnt a lot but also been amazed how much the Mavuno story and strategy have been appreciated here. I have also enjoyed hanging out with the ‘Mavuno Germany’ team, Daniel and Nancy Fleschig.

IMG_3209Walked in a German forest yesterday. Awe-inspiring! Makes every Kenyan forest I’ve ever been in feel puny by comparison. I pray my kids will one day experience Kenyan forests of that scale. Also visited a huge cathedral in Cologne. Planting forests is like building cathedrals. It takes a different way of thinking. It can only be done by people who can see a future beyond themselves. It demands we move from thinking only about the here and now. It means we move away from simply thinking about replanting the Mau and envision a Kenya with 30% forest cover. A Kenya that we may not see but that God-willing, our children’s children will enjoy.

`So… are these El Nino rains really coming to Kenya? I feel inspired to plant some trees!


7 responses to “Deutschland

  1. Guten tag! Great blog. I’m, i guess, sort of new age. Seen kenyan forests only on tv and during safari. Our leafy surbabian gardens, i’d say, are greener. But while i can vainly say my generation isn’t @ fault for the fall of the mau, i realise the blame will be on me if pastor m’s kids don’t get to see awe-inspiring kenyan forests. So, yea, maybe i too could plant a tree.

  2. Dear pastor M,

    great to hera that all’s going well in Germany. was also great to see from Nancy’s facebook status that Pastor Oscar’s sermon was very well received.

    On the Mau and Elnino, I get the feeling that we are not taking these issues as seriously as we should. We’re however discussing them in our life groups and plan to intervene appropiately.

    looking forward to hearing more great news from Germany.

    Our regards to pastor Linda

  3. Dear Pastor M.
    thank you so much for all your effort concerning germany.I’am the german girl you came to mavuno through Daniel&Nancy on and off. And i just want to tell you that i really got blessed in mavuno so much& learnd alot for myself and my role here in the ministry.I am now back here in Germany since 1month and it was a bit difficult for me to fit in here again and to find my role back in church and the ministry…and am still searching the right place, but my heart is still burning for the youths here &for a change in our generation, in my city &my country- i want to help to win this generation for christ!
    thank you for everything you’re doing- keep on going &may the lord bless and reward you big!
    many greetings, enjoy your time in germany

  4. Hey Tami, thanks for writing! Glad you made it back home. I truly enjoyed my visit to your beautiful country. Keep the faith. You have some challenges ahead of you but with God all things are possible!

    @ Carol, I’d love to hear what ya’ll are thinking…

    @ scaling heights, if you’re Kenyan, then you bear collective responsibility with the rest of us 🙂 Let’s plant those trees!

  5. Dear Pastor M,
    Today was the second time I visited the Mavuno church and I must say I’m inspired and I feel I want to be part of the change.
    I study in Germany and I’m in Kenya currently visiting my family. I’d like to know where in Germany you were. I live in Mannheim and I must say I’ve been dormant for far too long. I want to be a fearless influencer. Now that a flame has been ignited in me, I feel I’ll be missing out on a lot since I’m leaving the country this weekend.
    I thank the Lord for the Mavuno family*

  6. Pastor M, thanks for sharing what you thought of German forests. I lived in Germany for a while and I was in awe every time I walked through their forests. In fact, I often burst into praise and worship “Immortal invisible, God only Wise, In light inaccessible hid from our eyes, most blessed most glorious the ancient of days, almighty victorious thy Great Name we praise.”

    My other take from Germany was the importance of setting standards and keeping them. Though Germany is post Christendom and most German cathedrals are museums today, their architecture reflects the attention to detail and standards Germans are known for. The statement “if anything mechanical/architectural is built by a German, its made to last.”

    How I wish Christians in Kenya would re-brand like this, we should be known for excellence, integrity (Phil 4:8)etc.

  7. Hi Serenity
    just read ua comment &am happy u want 2 be a fearless influencer 2. Av been in Kenya 4almost 9month dis yr& join mavuno as often as i could…I am from Mannheim& am now back here tryin 2 reach youths here…if ua back in mannheim&mayb like 2help us reachin pple 4da most high contact me pliz…

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