Grace is spelt ‘9.58’

boltI had to stay up and watch it. It promised to be the fastest race in the history of mankind. And it didn’t disappoint! Tyson Gay (2nd), actually broke an American record while running the third fastest time ever; yet he wasn’t even close. I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean, the thunderbolt even slowed down to look around at the end!

There’s something about watching genius at work, whether it’s Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Uasin Bolt that makes you glad you were alive to see it. To me it speaks of the nature of God’s grace or undeserved favor. Grace defies logic or formula. It has an attrocious unfairness to it – at face value. Anyone who watched Salieri complain to God about the young, undisciplined and totally undeserving Mozart in the movie ‘Amadeus’ knows what I’m talking about. Why them? Why would you bless this person so overwhelmingly? What have they done to deserve it?

[On a side note, as Kenyans, we too are recipients of much favor. Almost all our neighbors (except perhaps Ethiopia) would have called a public holiday to celebrate a Linet Masai win. Few can dream of the kind of medal haul we’re anticipating.]

The bible answers the grace riddle for us. I spoke about this at Mavuno a while back. We are blessed to be a blessing. Gifting carries a huge element of responsibility. Genesis 12:2 says ‘I will make your name great and you will be a blessing’.

I thank God for His grace in my life. For a family I love, for a vocation I enjoy, for a purpose worth living for, for numerous material and spiritual blessings. I do not deserve any of these things.

Lord help me to see and celebrate your grace in my life. And to be a blessing to others around me this week.


11 responses to “Grace is spelt ‘9.58’

  1. I may not know about 9.58 and how it will affect the world but I do know about grace, unmerited favour, not getting what i deserve, uncommon favour. The Son of rightousness arising with healing in His wings and smiling upon me. Grace is what got me through a year of joblessnss with two kids to boot. grace is what kept me smilling through a bad marriage and its disintegration. where would i be without God’s grace. I walked out of rejction and into a crazy church that that had a me shaped space. I plugged in did mizizi and now ‘niko na mavuno’ mimi ni member enjoying the love and acceptance from God’s heart through the mavunites straight to me.
    God bless you.

  2. Pastor:) The way you spelt Usain’s name reminded me of UASIN GISHU DISTRICT:) but yes that was such remarkable speed that I had to go to Wikipedia the very next morning to look up the guy’s track record to expel doubts of him being high on something!

    There was a season in my life when all I could say was “Lord, you are the reason for my sanity!” and so many times I wondered to myself why I was holding on to the faith. It was because He was holding me; it was His grace!

    And now I live in the abundance… the abundance of knowing His grace is sufficient. Sufficient to help me live for more than my stomach:) Yes, I am blessed to be a blessing!

  3. then during his interview Husein(now that we are baptizing him Kenyan names)said he was not competing with anyone but the clock.

    it’s by grace that i can say am forgiven

  4. What a much needed piece in my life pastor m. I’m @ point where i’m hoping for that kind of undeserving favor coz it’s the only way my life’s puzzle pieces will come together.

  5. Mavuno sermons have been touching a lot of pple. Is it possible to get more of the current ones on the net pls? USA Help

  6. Hey this off the topic. Sorry guys. Pastor M could we get books like the mizizi/SOP azin an interesting guide book to use in life groups…it will encourage us as group members to read God’s word. Like the ones Mavuno downtown has. Just a thot.

  7. Hi when do you post the series online? I have been waiting to listen to the July and August series but it’s not up yet….pls let me know.Thanks for being such a blessing across the miles…especially the last one year

  8. Hi Pastor M.,
    Was great to watch you on Capital talk yesterday. Keep doing what you do, you spread that love fiercely and dont mind the critics!

    Also, kindly have some one update the sermons online.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. i have just stumbled on this blog,i am pastored by Oscar at Nairobi Chapel,this is absolutely absolutely fantastic…it always amazes me when i look at man be it in speech,in word or in deed and see just takes my breathe away literally at how awesome God is and that He should ..`have the audacity` to esteem us mere mortals.
    keep holding up the banner,keep pointing north…nimechangamushwa

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