Big Dreams

big dreams2I read these historical quotes in Tom Deuschle’s book ‘Building People Building Dreams’ …

  • ‘Airplanes are toys of no military value’ Ferdinand Foch, 1851-1929, French soldier and professor of military strategy
  • ‘The mission Columbus has proposed is folly… the Atlantic Ocean is infinite and impossible to travel’ Talevera Commission, 1491
  • There is no need for the Patent Office. Everything that could be invented has been invented’ – Head of the US Patent Office in the 1890’s
  • ‘Who wants to hear actor’s talk?’ H.M. Warner, 1881-1958 regarding the possibility of talking movies replacing silent movies
  • ‘We have reached the limits of what is possible to achieve with computer technology’ – John Von Neumann, in 1959
  • ‘There is a world market for maybe five computers’ – Thomas Watson Jr, 1914-1993, founder of IBM

One of my mentors, Pastor Oscar Muriu once said ‘Never limit the greatness of God by the size of your vision’. If your dreams don’t scare you, then your dreams are too small! Similarly, never measure out what you will live for by the size of your bank account. The bible in Psalm 37:4 says ‘delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart’. As we spend time with God, He gives us God-sized dreams that require God-sized provision.

David Allen Hubbard, former president of Fuller Seminary is credited with the quote, ‘the only Institutions that have enough resources to perform their tasks are those with small visions’. I think the same is true for people! So… ask God for big dreams. And then… let the adventure begin!


13 responses to “Big Dreams

  1. Pastor, Amazing stuff! It was the great painter Michelangelo who prayed: Lord, grant that I may always desire more that I can accomplish.
    He also said “the greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.”

  2. Hi Passie,

    Read your past 2 blogs and just a question, how do you keep up with reading? I am in this chama and for the last 2.5 yrs I have been known for not meeting my goal of reading a book a month; infact this year I have read none apart from Genesis & Exodus if you can count those as books and not QT:) I just find myself prefering to listen to audio books, music or watching movies:) yet I have seen people who read books are way ahead…


  3. Pastr M, thanks alot for this series. Its Mind changing and i hav to confess, the Nehemiah is Quite hard to read and understand without guidance.Much appreciated, ur doing a great job. I wish to bring something to your attention, do u really know the people who take up responsibilities like ushers,people who pray for others at the prayer u vet them ? because i know of one such person who i think is not really ready for such responsibilities or rather still needs God’s work one him. He is currently leading a mizizi class, and apperently lives with his girlfriend, (who has his kid), and who found out recently that he has knocked up 2 other girls, and has refused to assist to raise his child. Now Mavuno should be a place whre people come for spritual nourishment and to find God, we are mostly broken and hungry fr the word, we are also very vulnerable. I tend to feel that this guy will knock up another lady, or two..i am not perfect, but i am miffed by the fact that i know what is happening and it kills me seeing this chap in church wiith the basket, then praying for people, ArrrrGh! see the thing is , we dont stand alone, we represent the church when we take such responsibilities, so begs the question…” Do we vet the people who stand up for us?” Please pray about it as i will, and be blessed. hope i have been helpful.Sorry, u wont hear from me again. thanks again for the eye openin sermon…

  4. Hi guys, thanks for the comments. @ Boogie-man, you raise a valid concern and I’ll be contacting you by email so we can follow up. @Jaykay, too true!

    @ Kisa, good question. Let me give it some thought. Meanwhile, anyone else out there with some good tips on reading for Kisa?

  5. Hi Kisa,
    let me share a little story that might help.
    When I renewed my committement in christ, did mizizi and purposed to lead a spirit filled life, I found it such a challenge to get time to read the word and pray.
    I remember sharing in my mizizi class about my struggle with routine.Then,I read about the big rocks story that is in the mizizi book.It made me realize that those things that are of great importance I have to creat time for them.Am not a morning person but I purposed to wake up early and do my bible study and prayer.Intially I struggled a lot and had constant headaches.But then, my busy work schedule. family committements etc, could not allow me any other time so I just had to do it.Eventually after prayer and self drive I found it easier to wake up early.Now I wake up feeling so refreshed and can go on and on.I an now on chapter 17 of purpose driven life.Not there yet but getting there. Wish you well with your reading.

  6. @kisa

    5years ago coz of some changes in my life(was having late nights and early mornings) I made a simple commitment to not take a shower before I had read the bible. I figured coz I shower everyday:-) it would be my reminder to read the word. I’d do a chapter or psalm or proverb. This worked for some weeks then I was given a bible study guide by Philip Yancey which helped some more. Eventually it (reading) became a habit. There are still days I sometimes skip. Other days I just read a Christian book. I’ve found though if it’s to read through the entire bible it’s best to use an easy translation like BBE(Bible in Basic English)-what am currently using- or living bible or the message. i however believe God speaks in a language you understand. I’d suggest you get a variety of audio bible readings.there are free downloads online!!!

  7. @Kisa,

    I find reading, not just the Bible, but any material as a way of living a balanced life. In other words you need to improve your physical well being (eating well and exercising), spiritual well being (praying and reading God’s word) and intellectual well being (constantly exercing one’s mind by reading and reflecting). I can tell you as a media scholar, TV doesn’t help your intellectual well being. In fact it makes your mind sluggish because it spoonfeeds you (pictures and sound). On the other hand, reading makes your mind imaginative coz you draw your own mental pictures as it were. Begin by reading stuff you enjoy – magazines, motivation books etc. Incidentally, I just finished reading Donald Trump’s latest book “Thinking Big” it’s great (though he goes overboard in the last chapter!)

  8. Thanks people! I truly truly truly appreciate… now I feel the pressure:-) which is a good pressure problem. I’ll give you guys an update next week on how its going.

    Passie pole:-) I have hijacked the blog.

    Blessings y’all!

  9. Pastor M,

    I have been following your sermons with great interest and have truly been blessed. I have also been reading “Put Your Dream To The Test” by John C. Maxwell and would like to recommend this book to all who would like a guide to enable them “walk the talk”.

  10. Thanks Passie, that sermon really helped… I actually managed to wake up early this morning and do some reading. Came to the office feeling groggy but I know this body will soon be beaten into good shape. Thanks all again for your helpful tips and have a great week!

  11. hii pastor M,i have attendended the mavuno church now for 3 weeks and my very first sermon i listened to was the last in the time of dare to dream.just before i attended the service i had a vision which i believe is a God vision to start publishing a weekly christian margazine that is to inspire motivate and entertain the christians. i knew it was a Gods vision since i don’t have enough finances but am believing in God for a way out nd i read in one of the papers were given in church that a God vision is big to be finannced by your paycheck.pliz pray for me and thank you for how much you inspire lives.God bless.

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