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Kudos to Shujaa, our returning Kenyan 7’s rugby team, for representing us so well in Scotland. So, at the risk of sounding unpatriotic, why do we automatically have the Kenya soccer team play live on national TV while only those with cable can watch our rugby team (and athletes) beat the world’s best?


10 responses to “National Sport…

  1. Pasi, You know how you know nothing about poetry? That’s me and sports… they were playing in Scotland? (yeah that bad lol!)

  2. i think Tv disparity is coz a vast of un-urbanites don’t feel rudg and in rugby (u’d know) it’s the 15 aside that counts not seven sure if the 15aside team of Kenya was playing these matches we’d watch em like when we watched cricket and some of us had no idea what a run was!!!!

    but i join you in congratulating them.will you be at K1 to celebrate with them today or you’ll be at mizizi?:-)

  3. I shall not even try to discuss the subject but you can be sure that when these guys one day reach the finals and given the trend I think it shall be very soon, we shall “watch” rugby even on radio!

  4. While we are at campaining for more variety of sports on national Tv stations how about tennis…seriously some of us are really feeling left out since its the only sport that i feel enough to stay up and watch:-)

  5. Ahem @ Jade, your sport would need at least a Wimbledon or French Open qualifying-ish representative to come close to qualifying 🙂 As for nutcase, good try (no pun intended!)

  6. Ha!! Pastor M,
    It’s funny that just cause l have access to watch or hear about the rugby boys, i think every Kenyan is doing the same!!! If we just had KBC, the whole of Kenya would know!! 🙂
    As long as a Kenyan is out there doing there best at what ever it is, be it cooking, studying, tries, goals, dancing, swimming ………..tuko pamoja!!!Si, we project the next games on our screen at the drive in and invite Kenyans to watch?

  7. but thats how we would get atleast a representative….(miracle one:-) people would be exposed to the game…..maybe i should start playing:-)…its just a lovely game to watch…i know all rugby players think its ‘a sissy’ game due to lack of severe broken bones:-)…..proud of our rugby team thou…

  8. since every one is rooting for a sport how about we took some hood games to the national stage like ‘bano’ but so as to remain relevant id think if we all worked to breakdown the bourgeois element of the game to even coin indigenous words for tries and what not aside from the boozed up element of the sport, we’ll be gud. maybe idhaa kbc or q fm could be the panacea

    @jay tennis is no sissy sport but too pampered

  9. @case….2 deadly, so we can also ongeza ‘cati’ ‘bladder’, ‘shake’, and ‘ka-lologo-longo’…LOL..anyhue, i know nothing on sports, thoa al watch when its a big overpublicized match like harrambee stars vs the Nigerian boys….warrrr, that much was 2 sad!!!

  10. Hey, since there’s no general blog, create 1, let me use this. The praise &worship team does a good job but they need to avoid repeating songs. They can repeat a song after 2months not b4. Also we need at least 2 songs 4 worship if not 3. &we need to have a list of all life groups 4new members b4 they r able 2join Mizizi 6-8k is not petty cash &the sacrifice. Let’s market life groups the way we do Mizizi but NOT every sunday &NOT in between praise &worship. Find another slot. Also we need a breakdwn of the various ministries &how 2join-in short-in the bulletins. Otherws Mavuno is a blessing. Carry on! God bless u as u expand!

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