A Carefully Orchestrated Campaign

Fifteen years ago sitting in biochem class at the UON, I remember learning about the morning-after pill. Back in those days before the reproductive health bill, my prof pointed it out as a newly developed early-stage abortion drug. Interestingly today, the morning-after pill has successfully been re-branded from abortion pill to over-the-counter medication, procured with the same ease as paracetamol. And our government is using tax-payer money to subsidize marketing the so-called ‘e-pill’ across the whole nation. You’ve heard the soothing voice on radio… ‘kuanguka sio kuteleza’. Now they’re even sponsoring newspaper announcements.

When the elephant sneezes, the rest of the jungle catches cold. One of the side-immediate effects of the new US government is increased funding and thus lobbying for pro-abortion legislation (As a caveat, I need to say that I’m neither pro-democrat or pro-republican US government). Over 1 million abortions are done every year in the US. The abortion industry (that’s actually what it is, a global multi-million dollar industry) has successfully re-positioned the debate from taking life to respecting women’s rights (see article below). But that’s extremely simplistic; what if I’m pro-women’s rights and anti-abortion?

Right now under the radar, there’s a concerted campaign to overturn our abortion laws. The FIDA drafted Reproductive Health and Rights Draft Bill 2008 is one of the many that’s pending before the crowded parliamentary agenda. Heavily influenced by lobbyists, it seeks to legalize abortion by lumping it together with reproductive health, HIV and family planning. It would also force mission hospitals, Christian doctors and other value-based health service providers to offer abortion services or refer cases to others. And it would undermine the right of parents to keep their adolescent children from government sponsored reproductive health indoctrination and services.

The Christian Medical Association here has written a protest against the bill but much more remains to be done. First steps include familiarizing ourselves with the bill and with the realities behind abortion. Here are a few links I’ve found helpful.

1. The Ex-abortionists: Why They Quit – Understanding what actually happens in an abortion

2. Innocent blood. A fascinating article about the PR spin-doctors sold a lie to a hapless nation. Scary… I think the exact thing is happening here! A must read

3. Testimonies – Several testimonies by former abortion providers, including the plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade, the landmark case that legalized abortion in all 50 US States. The site also has a sidebar where you can access testimonies by abortion survivors and children conceived through rape. And women who underwent abortions. Important because a lot of the rhetoric is centered on these.

A second step might be engaging in conversation with any doctors, members of parliament and other stakeholders about the realities of the bill. Lest we as a nation buy a lie. And renegade on our responsibility to the next generation.


12 responses to “A Carefully Orchestrated Campaign

  1. Thank you for the answered prayer, finally there is a post.

    Seriously Pastor M the abortion debate rages on, I feel you on the morning after pill whose availability has only exacerbated abuse by young women. I agree lets engage lest we as a nation fall for the lie and mess the next generation.
    baraka tele!

  2. great to have a pasi who understands the structure of biomolecules!!!fast forward to 15years later in a biochem class lecturers are teaching bout spontaneous abortion.like instead of giving a moral fibre of why miscarriage occurs,studies are now on how it can be done naturally!!!

    wish the promo guys for the morning after pill,would tell guys that the pill doesn’t prevent conception but rather implantation of the zygote to prevent it from growing.

    there is this verse in Luke when Elizabeth(the mother of John the baptist)met with Mary(the mother of Jesus) that says the baby leaped for JOY and was filled with the Holy Spirit when they shook hands!!!

    feelings being attributed to a “mass of cells”.I’d guess the fetus feels PAIN when being aborted.

    in the words of Israel Houghton(who’s mum tried to abort him) from the album live in SA,this is not to say “you should have never done that”-for those who have aborted-but to say “his(God) mercy endures forever” for those who haven’t shouldn’t!!

  3. Hey Pastor M,
    given that I don’t have much to say about this blog post, I wish to comment on visionary leadership.We at Mavuno are reaping the friuts of good mentorship and leadership from your predessesors like Pastor Oscar.I feel very blessed and priviledged to be a mavunite and to learn from a great team like yours.This last two months have been eye opening and a lot of thought and prayer.I pray that I will learn to let my personal vision live for a much bigger vision than myself.May God continue to equip you and your team to prepare great leaders for this continent and beyond.You have a great team.

  4. @ thekenyannutcase, pretty conc stuff! but nimeelewa:)
    @ Wendy 1, totally feel you on that one

    Passie, thanks for the information. I was wondering what to do with it… eh I dont know so many up there people but I can speak to the people I know who actually dispense drugs and probably change their mindset about the same.

  5. This message needs to go out, especially to our young girls. The fact that the e-pill can now be bought more or less like Panadol is going to increase their sexual recklessness. We have been desensitized to believe that taking the pill is “not really abortion”. The fear of pregnancy usually keeps kids “almost” away from sex and using condoms but now…. just buy the morning after pill. Ergo, increased cases of STD’s and HIV coz the condom will be deemed unnecessary. This will be the first step to Kenya adopting abortion. It breaks my heart.

  6. Pastor, this is an eyeopener — we must make some noise as Parliament prepares to debate these bills. Say No To Abortion!!

  7. Did any of you get to read yesterdays paper? The article on abortion!! I was ticked off!!! Just because a living being is a mass of blood vessels and nerves does not mean they do not have a right to live. When did we start being us after the merge of the gametes? We were us from fusion. Just because an amoebic cell does not have a heart that beats does not mean it has no life, therefore i can take it away on a whim!! I can imagine having a debate with the unborn child as it tries to defend it’s case to stay alive. Please read the article.

  8. Christian Medical Association is currently collecting a million signature to petition against legalizing arbortion. You can play your part by signing at member clinics. One of such is Dr Jean Kagia’s Clinic, Upperhill Medical Centre, 4th Floor

    Stand up and be counted

    Kind Regards

  9. The Christian Medical Association is currently collecting a million signatures to petition against legalizing abortion. You can play your part by signing at member clinics. One of such is Dr Jean Kagia’s Clinic, Upper hill Medical Centre, 4th Floor
    Stand up and be counted

  10. Wow. The links you posted especially the one on Innocent Blood was a very real and earth shattering eye opener for me. What has become of humanity. I prayed the prayer at the beginning of the Dare to Dream series that God may break our hearts with the things that break his heart and I feel myself wrested from my complacency and truly seeing all the destruction we are doing to his beautiful creation. God forgive us. Cleanse us of our unrighteousness and use us to carry out your will upon the earth.

  11. This is a sensitive issue and I feel legalizing abortion will in a way save women who die while procuring abortions in unlicensed outlets or trying it on their own by drinking stuff that in many instances have been fatal.Im thinking when a woman decides to go for it then let it be it is her right.

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