Nothing To Say

Though not on-line
I’m mighty fine/
But in my mind
No words I find…

Oh well… never did claim to be a poet anyway.


17 responses to “Nothing To Say

  1. Hi Pastor M, i will not try my poetry skills thou am sure they would be a bit better than yours…Last evening i was watching TBN, Praise the lord programme, have done so for quite some time and i remember always wondering whether their is a church which gives the message like most of this churches because they are so relevant to thee generation…ofcourse until i joined mavuno last jana they were having pastors and people of God talking about how we need to go back to our roots based on the bible, how they are starting to reach out to young men and boys by mature christian men rising up and saying they will mentor them to live Godly lives.This is because if the men took their places in the society in Christ we would be on our way in sorting most if not all the issues facing our world today.So just to encourage you and all the men who attend Gideons torch you are in the right place, the world needs you guys, musichoke reach out to the young men in church am sure most have transport problems which can be looked into hopefully….may God continue meeting you men when you meet,give you all a huge burden to reach out to other men around you with the message of lets go back to the source of life. As we all know & been told God didnt call Eve to ask her why they ate the fruit He called Adam…..Mob blessings people.

  2. Hehe Pastor M yaani, if you want to say something, or for that matter don’t have any words, please don’t try poetry first you are a choleric-sanguine albeit spirit filled,secondly you are a BSc which means the road that seperates you and the ability to write poems just got wider lol!!
    You have no idea in how many other ways you bless me am inspired by you. Because of your influence my fiance committed to God and is serving… isn’t that better than being able to do poetry? Blessings

  3. Oh how glad,
    To hear your word,
    And know your good.
    Be glad about your do,
    For in this you bless us too.

  4. @ Jade,thanks for the encouragement. And @ Wendy, thanks for feeling me!

    As for goggeter, eeh… if you can’t rhyme, it aint worth a dime! Glad to hear about your fiancee though!

  5. :o) Passie!

    Great to know you are well. Praying for you and your family. God bless ya! you are such an inspiration, mentor and real pastor!

  6. Hoping to get sermon download of “God’s description of eden”. Soon…..I hope? Please Pst hook us up ..all the way in Massachsetts

  7. is that fine like good-looking or fine like okay or both??am also doing fine.missed church sunday.was out of town.praying for you

    blessed to be a blessing

  8. lol! Oh man that was truly awful, but not to worry, poetry was not God’s purpose for you..

    Please do me a favour and post the series sermon notes on the blog. I missed a lot while trying to prevent my son form escaping the creche.

    Thanks in advance.


  9. Thanks @ Kisa. @Wanjiru, Return To Eden sermons should be up on the Mavuno blog this week. @JM, glad you stopped the ‘prison break!’ 🙂 We usually post sermons up after the end of the month, but CD’s of the ongoing series are usually on sale at the info desk. As for your views on my poetry… let’s see you do better!

    @nutcase, welcome back and thanks for the prayers.

  10. When we got nothing to say, we say it best, A paradox of ideas.
    You are a great poet.

  11. walala!pasi,i thought we poets warned you not to try this at home….u see the way its backfired on you yani.
    I joined mavuno last year,did mizizi early this year and now am in a new life group that’s amazing.may’s sermon series en especially last sunday’s was amazing for our life group we have this assignment that we are praying about and researching on.As for me am full of joy and ready to be used of God because such assignments will cause God to entrust me with a bigger one.I feel so guilty everyday since i joined mavuno wondering how come God had so many gud things in store for me and ave wasted years out there just sitting in the wilderness.practising self pity at its best en not putting any effort to get out of it.look at all this friends,brothers sisters ready to pat my back when things aren’t going straight,all you pastors with messages of God speaking to me and messages that are relevant to my day to day life.
    U know what pastor… God has used u to make a great impact in my life,i am getting out of the wilderness ave been in and am not getting out the same.God is taking me to great heights that i never thought i would be in.i owe him a lot that’s why am surrendering my all so that he can use and the rest of the team are real instruments.All what you are doing is not in vain coz You will receive wonderful sparkling crowns….on that day

  12. Hey Pastor M
    Sometime back you talked of a 2 day convention in June where we would be discussing the 6 sectors of economy that Mavuno wants to impact.When is this likely to happen?Need to plan for some days off from work.Looking forward.

  13. poetry is misunderstood! well, i didn’t understand this particular one, but such is life. on another note, Pastor M, if you &/or your team have a moment, please have a look at page 41 of this weeks (June 1) Time magazine about Church and technology, made for an interesting read.

  14. aint it worth the effort
    better than you thought
    tending this Mavuno clan
    you betcha you can

  15. Waah Way to go Christine that’s a super rhyme.

    Pastor M yaani whatever writer’s block you have we rebuke it in the name of the Lord and believe that by this time tomorrow we shall have a new post lol!

  16. Hi Pastor M,
    I work for Lifestyle magazine, the insert in the Sunday Nation, and I was wondering if I could please get Wamaitha’s number. She’s got an inspiring story and we’d like to feature her in the modern woman page (P. 6 of Lifestyle).
    Hope you can help.

  17. @ Arnel, thank you! You have great taste 🙂 @ Christine, I agree with gogetter. Seems like you and Wendy are the only peeps I know with serious talent! And for sure its worth the effort! @ wits, thanks ~ I’ll look it up asap. @ Kagi, lets talk Sunday, if you don’t mind.

    @ Wendy, you have a great memory! New dates are July 9th (evening), 10th & 11th (all day). You should be hearing about it soon as it will be announced to all the different service teams @ Mavuno.

    @ gogetter, lol! I feel the block falling away… I can write! I can write! Thank you 🙂

    Thanks all for passing by…

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