News Flash

Today we launch our 2nd Mizizi class of the year and I’m really looking forward to it. We’re praying that 1000 people sign up for this life transforming experience that will launch them into discovering their life’s purpose! If you know anybody who needs to be in the class, please make sure they’re at the Mavuno Dome at the former Bellevue Drive In Cinema behind Oil Libya off Mombasa Road. Transport will be provided from Studio One behind Kencom bus-stop at 5.00pm.

Hope to see you there!

Edit: Tuesdays launch was awesome! Despite the heavy rain, over 400 people turned up and most signed up for Mizizi Season Two. PLEASE NOTE that because of the many who weren’t able to make it, there’ll be a second launch TODAY, 5.30pm at the Mavuno Dome. Transport will be provided same time. An encouragement: it seems to rain around rush hour but stops soon after so don’t let the rain scare you away! See you there.


6 responses to “News Flash

  1. this has nothing to do with mizizi(although mizizi is awesome and all should sign up).

    the craig groeschel blog (that is in the corner of pastor m’s blog) is discussing ‘relevant churches’, kind of like we have been at mavuno.
    its good reading

  2. It was my wish 2 attend the mizizi class,but mght b imposible coz i ave a 3wks old baby.Am going thro such a hard tym n i knew the class’d help.Am not a member of ur church but want 2 b one n an active one.Can i join in btwn or how can u help?

  3. @angie, thanks. Will look it up!

    @ L, sounds like this is a tough season for you. Please come to any of the services on Sunday and speak to one of our prayer counselors. We’d love to pray with you! And never fear, you can always take the class later.

  4. hey pastor m,

    just reporting that there hasnt been an update on sermons since march- after the man enough series :-(……any chance that you may able to gently ‘poke’ the person in charge to kindly please put them up? feeling left behind. P.s done with coursework. working on thesis..home in 2 months.

  5. aint it worth the effort
    better than you ever thought
    tending this Mavuno clan
    is quite the plan

  6. Hey Jules, we should have the April series up by weekend. Pole its late. Great to hear about your coursework – yay! Come back and let’s change this continent!

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