img_2353Am in the land of the Pharaohs. Left home on Wed afternoon after spending the morning with some of my most favorite (I know, that’s not English) people on earth, the Mavuno staff team!

Cairo has 25M people (talk about a large city! Egypt has 75M). A very attractive city with a modern highway system and ancient buildings side by side with modern ones. Yesterday morning I went with Matt & Christian (both pastors from Mariners Church) on a whirlwind tour of the three main pyramids and the Sphinx. How cool was that! We got stuck in the center of the 2nd one when there was a blackout. It was so dark you couldn’t see your hand and we had to climb out (quite an exertion) in the light of our cell-phones. Don’t try that at home, especially if you’re claustrophobic! Also participated in a camel race. Okay, not really but it felt like it! I told the guide jokingly that we wanted to race and he took me seriously and made the camel’s gallop. Boy was I glad to finally get off… A good thing to do if you want to learn how to pray real quick!

Random touristy facts you might be glad to know (or not) – The biggest pyramid is made of 2 million blocks of stone (ouch for the slaves)! Architects today still marvel at the design. There are actually 90 pyramids in total and many sphinxes in both Upper & Lower Egypt built by 30 generations of Egyptian kings. The 3 famous pyramids + sphinx were built by the 4th generation of kings and were covered in sand. They were only discovered in the 10th Century BC and it took the next 2 centuries for them to be completely uncovered. The original sphinx (face of a man for intelligence and body of a lion for power) was built by accident. There was a huge block of stone in front of the 2nd pyramid that wouldn’t move so the king ordered a statue made that would represent the guardian of his pyramid. There’s a tunnel connecting it to his pyramid. (Edit: here’s a good description of the pyramid experience + more useful trivia… you never know when you’ll need it ~ ever watched ‘slumdog millionaire? :-))

img_2329We’re visiting a large church here that’s holding a mission’s conference. Even more impressive. They have such a huge vision! I’m amazed and challenged. The conference is taking place in their sports complex; a huge facility where they hold sports events and camps for the community. I’ve always believed church buildings should be a 24/7 facilities that are useful to the community so this is good to see.

I return tonight so I can take part in Pst. Kevin’s wedding tomorrow. It’s been a good visit even though short.

P.S Really looking forward to Pst. Linda’s new series ‘Return To Eden’ starting this Sunday @ the Mavuno Dome. See you there!


11 responses to “Egypt

  1. Hey Pastor M,

    Is that REALLY a pyramid in the background? 😉

    Travel safe and see you kesho.

  2. BTW pastor,are you the son of Rt.Rev Wanjau formerly of PCEA? Really had lots of respect for this mzee not that anything has changed,it’s just that I don’t get see much of him any more..

  3. @ Tony, nope. My daddy has the same name and title though but worked for a different church. So I’ve been asked that question since I was a baby 🙂

  4. That is very interesting….church minister,same title and similar name.. I am quite new in your congregation and so just taking my baby steps. I have a few questions though but not sure if this would be the appropriate forum for that. Anyways,I’m liking it so far.Sermon yesterday by pastor Linda was apt. God bless her.

  5. Pst M
    What do you think about a once a week prayers for all at the dome? Like form 6-8pm?

  6. @ Wendy, pole for not replying sooner. Sounds like a good idea. Hopefully in the not too distant future 🙂

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