This Weekend

Pastor Simon during the ‘Man Enough’ series that just ended at Mavuno said something that really struck me. ‘Every man needs a beauty to die for and men to die with’. I loved that phrase. My only correction? ‘Every man desires a beauty to die for but needs other men to die with!

This last weekend was special for me as I spent the time away in Mombasa with a group of guys that I’ve been meeting with almost every month for the last nine years. We caught up, horsed around, shared deeply and had a great time. Very cool! And then this morning I was at Gideon’s Torch, our Wednesday 5am extreme men’s only weekly prayer time. Around 80 guys showed up before the crack of dawn to receive a Father Blessing. Awesome! God’s doing some very cool things among Mavuno men; more than 80 vukaad (Kenyan for ‘crossed over’) and reconciled with their heavenly dad in our March services.

This weekend we have our largest ever Mizizi retreat. Over 300 people will be together for the whole weekend graduating from what has been a life-changing experience for many of them. Simultaneously, our largest School Of Prayer class will also be on their final retreat! I look forward to the many, many stories from people who’s lives will never be the same. I love my job!

Okay, so it’s also a very busy week and part of my writing this post is to procrastinate, which is what I tend to do when I’m overwhelmed by too much to do. Now you know 🙂 Please pray!



8 responses to “This Weekend

  1. I love your job too Pastor M!(and that is something i never thot would ever cross my mind)watching how guys in my mizizi group have come to love God so and know for sure He loves them bila vikwazo made me speechless on tuesday(not a natural thing for me)am in the group that is always last, this tuesday the compound lights had to go off before we could leave…LOL…our facilitator Kefa, kept telling us we are free to go just incase we had forgotten..Its been amazing, truly amazing.looking forward to saturday especially.I finally get what Mavuno Church stands for…turning ordinary people to…..

  2. Kept on checking for the post… and glad to find it. For sure God is at work at Mavuno as in touching the hearts of men and women. Yaani this week I have experienced God in such a powerful way and I am so glad to be part of this.

    I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed as an emerging leader at Mavuno but it obviously cannot be measured to your extent! Man Passie, you are doing a really great job and I thank God for you and that you have made yourself available to used of God in such a mighty way. And this goes for the entire Pastoral and staff team of Mavuno – your are the bestest!

    I am a bit jealous of the Gideon’s torch but God has also been waking me up to pray and I am so excited… God has been causing me to pray for new prayer items like guys of life group and its so exciting to God literally send help from His sanctuary.

    One of the most exciting things for me this month was to see men surrender, men lift up their hands bila shame and say its Jesus. And to see men walk towards the prayer tent and continue to hear the great numbers that are streaming in for Gideons torch.

    Life group has been so deep! Men openly and deeply sharing about deep stuff… and just taking us to another level in terms of relating and praying for our dear brethren.

    I am so excited to see that the God of Jacob is beginning to call out men and taking them to their destiny…

    I could go on and on and on but man Passie, ninawaombea nyote. Mob blessings and may the Lord make your little enough:) I am sure you know who said that at Church recently!

  3. I shall hound you pastor,until i get a reply:-) I had left a query on your previous post,guess you must not have seen it. I was wondering whether you could put up a list of ministries available in mavuno on the website. I’d love to serve in some way.

  4. It’s been a wonderful thing being part of the mavuno team-fearless influencers of the society. Thanks Pastor M for the great work you are doing.
    @Me, Myself and Irene- I would advise you to go through mizizi; this is where you get to go through all this and understand the various ministry opportunities and the mavuno marathon and thereafter, you can sign up for a ministry that best suits you. YOu will go through a session that helps you identify your giftings.
    I have just finished my mizizi and i can assure you that it is a life transforming experience.
    Hope you register for the next one.

    Cheers all

  5. Hey Pastor M
    Its good to know that you are looking forward to hearing the many stories of peoples lives that will never be the same again.Let me be among the first.
    I just completed Mizizi and came from the retreat on saturday.For sure am a different person. I went with an expectant heart and in total surrender.Then, I experienced God in person.It was biggest and most powerful spiritual encounter I have ever had.I was set free.I recieved total deliverance and prohetic word through Pastor Molly and Wycliffe.I thank God for them and ask for God to give thme a double portion of his anointing.(I hope its ok to say this on the blog).
    Im now free to go where the lord leads me.I pray for his protection and his will be done in my life.

  6. Thanks for a great reply @ Wams. I should hire you as my press secretary :-)! Glad to hear from you, Wendy and Jade about your Mizizi experience. Sounds like God did some amazing stuff! Thanks to you and the rest of the grads for the energy you added to last Sunday’s service. Wah! my voice is still recovering!

  7. Pastor M, i wish i could with very favourable terms!!! hehehe. I just can’t help it!!! I keep talking about it and am not about to get tired until i get to see everyone go through it…My hubby is joining the next one and quite a number of my happy.
    And am so excited that i have been given a chance to understudy in mizizi and i have a chance to go through a 10 weeks transformational period with great kingdom friends.
    And again, released to our lifegroups and we are all psyched up for this…
    Thanks to mavuno….thanks to our pastors and thanks to God Almighty.

  8. All i can say is if God can catch me while i am running from Him in a 2,500 member church. Eh nikubaya. Anyway, this is just a gen comment: read “Unlockg the Power of ur Purpose” by Dr. John Stanko. This cd help in the Mizizi bk & u really need to edit it. I don’t take imperfect writings well, i look down on them & i’m not alone so pliiiiz. Also let’s have a general comment section in this website. In addn, though the retreat was powerful, we need a retreat ctr coz it fell short in meals ezpecially. Liked the conf hall. REminded me of Laico Regency Hotel. After all, this is done 3 times a yr, Your church is a true blessing. God bless u so

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