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boeing-7771Okay, I was going to post about something a little more serious but I’ll save that for later. Right now am sitting in a plane cabin, just having been upgraded to business class on a long haul flight from Dubai to S.Francisco! I had just been wondering how I was going to survive the long flight. Kumbe God had other plans.

So… this is how the other half lives! Drinks served, movies playing, hostesses smiling… long before the plane takes off! So much legroom… and so many nice shiny buttons to press! Very grateful for the treat.

I’m in the front row so I can see into first class. Walala! Lets not even go there. And of course the guy in first class is probably looking out of the window and wondering how it feels to be that guy in a private jet…

I’ll be away for a week at Mariner’s Church (www.marinerschurch.org) in California. Pst. Oscar from Nairobi Chapel will be speaking at a conference there. I’m mostly accompanying him but will speak at a couple of meetings as well. I’ll also hopefully get to spend some time with Christian of Milele, an old friend (he’s old, I’m the friend), who works at Mariners. So I’ll miss the 2nd installment of Pst. S’s series ‘Man Enough’. Sad as I really enjoyed the launch this Sunday.

Alright. More later. Got to fly!


7 responses to “Out & About

  1. Hi Pastor, hope you enjoy the upgrades… and thank you for making me laugh this Monday morning.. you’ve made my day!

    especially about the guy in first class looking out and wondering how it feels to be that guy in a private jet.. and you wondering how it feels to be that guy in first class.. I can just see the guys in economy looking in on you 🙂

    that one on the old friend – classic!!!! have to use it someday 🙂

    hope you & Pastor Oscar’s teachings draw people to Christ!

  2. Enjoy Pastor M,
    Yu are hilarious and ohhh yeah yu reminded me of the insatiable human character….the guy in 1st class bit and private jet,i mean as human beings we long for more and more and more and rarely have time to appreciate and thank God for what we have!!!!
    Barikiwa and may God continue using yu as His vessel

  3. Enjoy your stay in Dubai and San Fransisco.
    Am sure you could also use a break!
    God Bless

  4. LOL Pastor M,

    Now we know what goes on in the Senior Pastor’s head!

    For real may God give you plenty more pleasant surprises, upgrade you in all areas and give you favour in his eyes as well as in the eyes of men.

    Have a blast representing us, you shall surely be missed.

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