New Year Challenge

Ready or not, 2009 is practically here! Interesting how as soon as you leave high school, time begins to really fly! I like this quote by Charles Lamb, ‘every New Year’s day is everyone’s birthday’. I guess he meant we all have a chance to change; to leave the old behind and start with a clean slate. To cut off from old toxic ways and to make new life-giving decisions. Thank God for the New Year!

It’s in that spirit that I’d like to invite you to join me in my New Year’s resolution. To read through the New Testament in the first three months of the year! I’ve done this before and was really blessed by the practice.

The daily readings will be anywhere from 3-6 chapters and should take around 15-20 minutes. So there’s definitely a time requirement. The plan is spread over 5 days of each week though, so there are two days to ‘catch up’ in case you fell behind somewhere! My plan is to read the daily section each morning during my Quiet Time and then meditate on/pray about the one thought that stood out while I read.

So… I’d like to invite you to join me! If you’re interested, please download the reading plan from here. It’s in pdf format so you might need to download a pdf reader if you don’t already have one. And if you’re willing to take the challenge with me, I’d greatly appreciate your letting me know. Please leave a comment on this post!

Happy New Year!


10 responses to “New Year Challenge

  1. Happy nu yr pst. M!

    You r soo very right on the study of the nu testament! Having made my nu yr resolution to know mo of Jesus n experience Him Mo, i mus say such a study is jus what I needed!i believe i share this excitement with a bunch of fellow God chasers out there! hey, on yo marks, get set, LET’S GO! Cant w8 know mo! Baraka tele!

  2. Hi Pastor M,

    AM in too…ehh that link to the reading schedule is not responding to my download request…HELP

  3. Thanks all, lets do this! Ed, checked the link and it worked. However, will send you the doc on email.

  4. Happy New Year Pastor M!
    have just come back to work, and saw that you’ve updated your blog.. with a challenge beginning today.

    I have printed it out, and will try and follow it through to the end of the three months.

    perhaps at least monthly, you should do a check in and see how guys are doing.. and what is being learnt.. just a suggestion

    Have a great year!

  5. Pastor M
    I also got my fiance to enrol in the reading and we are looking forward to starting it this evening and yes I also concur with Jabi’s suggestion about a review every month

  6. Hey Pastor M,
    Tis March already…wondering how you are keeping up with ur New year challenge. we’ll tis like 2 months too late for me coz by your timetable you are halfway through 1 corinthians 😀
    Anyhuu, tis a lovely initiative…I will definately adapt it and adjust accordingly and work throught the next 3 months.

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