Village Christmas

This Saturday at the Mavuno Dome, don’t miss Mavuno’s annual Christmas concert. Doors open at 5pm and show begins 5.30. Please come and bring all your friends. I suspect you’ll be glad you did!

Oh and tonight (Thu 18th), Atemi’s concert at the Carnivore begins at 7pm. Hope to see you there…


5 responses to “Village Christmas

  1. I feel you on this one Pastor M,

    For years I have been seeking to learn more about Him and in doing so, I have had to ask some controversial questions. Christians I spoke to responded so predictably: “Don’t Question God”

    I believe that learning requires interrogation and the church does not interrogate half enough. Its the only way that the church can be in the midst and at the forefront of transformation of the world.

  2. Hey Pastor M,

    I have a hard question to ask, Why didn’t we have service on Thursday Dec 25th? I can tell you I got the flak when everyone commented, mmmh so the church goes on holiday!

  3. Hey gogetter, yep, the church does go on holiday! At least the pastors do. We traditionally don’t have services on the 25th or 31st. It’s a good opportunity for staff (and members) to spend time with their families. And we figure there are lots of other churches that have services in case one of our members absolutely must attend a Christmas/New Year service!

    Happy New Year!

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