Am back to work after a week of rest. It was one of those breaks where I didn’t do any travel, errands or projects but simply lounged and recuperated. And I feel much better for it. Great to be back to Mavuno though, after a month away. And to begin a new series called True North, about living lives of purpose.
This week, we might as well be the 51st state of the US; all our national attention is focused westwards on that country’s elections. Despite myself, it’s hard to not get caught up with the Obamamania, a word that could easily make it into next year’s dictionaries! I suspect that as a nation, Obama gives us an opportunity to vicariously participate in an election that leaves us all united and feeling good about ourselves. The kind of experience we wish we could have had in January…

He also gives us a respite from the uncertainties and hard realities of how to deal with the Waki report. Wishing this report away is clearly not going to help us in the long run. And while it’s important not to condemn anyone without sufficient proof, its equally important to demonstrate to our political leaders that they can’t cause mayhem and bloodshed and then hide behind tribal politics. This is certainly a test of leadership for our president/prime minister duo and I pray that they will be bold and not cave in to pressure.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward this Friday to ‘Dress To Address’, a dinner/dance event this Friday 7.30pm at the Mavuno Dome. Hosted by ZanaA, proceeds will go towards an initiative to provide sanitary towels to Kenyan school girls who can’t afford them. I plan to be there. Please come and let’s support a great cause!


3 responses to “Back

  1. Wassup Passie, been listening to the sermons and reading your blog.l think most of us read and don’t send comments.hmmm!!!! I agree that the Obama win makes us feel good about ourselves.For me it is an encouragement that brings memories of when everything was possible before anyone stuck the ‘it cannot be done’label in our heads.
    So yes,it is a win that speaks beyond its facial value.It reminds me of the prophet of God how he kept going over all of Jesse’s sons while trying to trace an obscure man who was already being honed for greatness.It reminds me how God picks us from wherever we are if are ready to be used of Him.
    hmmm!! preaching is not one of my talents.So l beg to stop now.
    Anyways,great blog.

  2. Hi Kamundulio, great comment. I pray we’ll stay inspired enough as a nation and as a generation not to sink back into ‘it cannot be done’. Yes we can!

  3. Pasi, I am very excited to hear and read this article from you. Its very refreshing to hear and see what God has done in these great leaders and the passion they have not only for America but the body of Christ as whole. I really do appreciate your perspective. I ardently follow your blogs and this one will be added to my favs immediately.

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