Faith Paradox

The Waki report is a reminder for us about how fragile our peace really is. And about our need as a nation to deal with the real issues that brought us to the precipice in January. So that by God’s grace, we’ll be at a very different place in 2012. It’s not the only sobering reality facing us right now though.

Columnist Robert Shaw in an article in one of our dailies recently listed some of the massive economic problems we are currently facing as a nation…

  • The havoc wrecked by the post-election violence earlier in the year that adversely affected our economy
  • Two deficient rainy seasons in succession that have negatively affected agriculture, which is the source of most jobs in our economy
  • Escalating global food, fuel and fertilizer prices, resulting in inflation of 25% or more and reducing purchasing power and increasing poverty
  • Decline in Diaspora remittances (due to the economic crisis in the West), an important source of foreign currency inflow.
  • Financial pressure in developed economies that will likely lead to a setback in tourism numbers here.
  • A likelihood that the problems in the global financial system will infect our own
  • The IMF warning that the world is “on the cusp of a recession” and that there will be zero growth in the developed economies next year.

He concludes that it’s not a question as to whether Kenya will be affected by global recession but how much.

Most of us are already feeling the consequences; increased cost of living (I discovered over the weekend that a gas cylinder that cost 1200/- a year ago now costs 1800/-), higher interest rates, and a generally harder business environment.

Walala! It’s easy to slowly sink into a general malaise of low-grade depression amidst all the gathering storm clouds. To wonder how we got ourselves here. To live fearful and anxious lives, wondering whether we will survive. And yet I believe the challenges facing us as individuals present us with an opportunity.

The problem is that fear limits what God can do in our lives. But the opposite is true; faith allows God to carry out His purpose in our lives. That’s why Paul is able to say in 2Cor.12:9, ‘Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why for Christ’s sake I delight in weaknesses…. For when I am weak, then I am strong’.

I call this the ‘paradox of faith’. When we’re strong, we tend to trust in our resources & hold back from trusting in God. We forfeit His divine power and end up limited to our own inadequate resources. When we’re weak however, we (hopefully) cling to God with all we have knowing that we have no other resource. We’re freed by faith to tap into His divine strength & perspective. We’re no longer afraid of what the future holds.

So here’s the paradoxical good news. If you’re feeling weak & helpless – that may be exactly where God wants you! Begin to call out to the Lord, knowing that only He can save you. The good news is that your faith is will not only please Him (Heb.11:6), but will create opportunities to experience God’s strength & victory during the rest of 2008. And God willing, you’ll have some amazing testimonies to share come the end of the year!


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