Financial Fitness

We had a phenomenal weekend at Mavuno. Started on Friday evening when Anthony Wahome of Linksoft Communications continued the Harvest Night Series with a talk entitled ‘The Power of Giving’. The Harvest Night Series is a set of annual talks about money organized by our own Harvest Sacco. There was a great turnout (I estimated around 650 people) and everyone who was there will tell you it was time well spent. It was also exciting at the end to see people give their lives to Christ. One of the things that thrills me most at Mavuno is seeing that ‘aha’ moment come for people… when the lights come on and they begin the journey that launches them into their life purpose. Nothing compares with it!

There was also a great response to Sunday’s message on debt and many people committed to begin the journey towards debt-free living. Again, over 15 people gave their lives to Christ in the process! I know that this is going to be a pivotal series in the lives of individuals and families at Mavuno. I really believe that many will look back on this series as a major life turning point.

This Friday, Pst. Joseph Hellon will be talking about ‘Kingdom Wealth Transfer’! And on Sunday, I’ll continue on with the next installment of our series, ‘Living Sustainably’. Remember to bring your friends and let’s experience transformation together.

Meanwhile, here’s a great poem by Benja Luta, who also happens to be CEO of Go-Creations and Mavuno’s main graphics designer.

I am tired of the status quo
Tired of the norm I have settled for
Exhausted by the mediocre thoughts that surround
What is this truth that we embrace?
Who are these that draw the boundaries?

I refuse to fit into the mold made by men
Rebel against the conclusion made about me
‘He is just like that’, they say to one another
We all have weaknesses,
It’s human you know.

I quit being a prisoner of thoughts that bind
I quit walking in the company of thieves
My accomplices in stealing my employer’s time on the net
I stand up to be counted as the hardworking dude,
Not the Christian that plays gospel music at the office

Wisdom shall be my sister and understanding my kinsman
To pick up the habits of my mentors and of great men
Reading from the script the Almighty wrote long ago
I choose to drop the ugly and pick up the holy
I quit club ordinary for the greatness hidden within

Have a great week!


5 responses to “Financial Fitness

  1. i have enjoyed every service of the money series infact i have even invited several of my wokmates to come with me and they were very exited.
    also working with the camera crew has been very inspiring.

  2. Thank you, yes! for the insight in the one important item that causes the world to go round, Money. I have made my resolve to be faithful with the talents God has entrusted to me. Ahsante!

  3. As a first timer to mavuno having being invited the Financial Fitness series was a blessing. I will be one of the people who will come back to give praise report and encourage others as am already trying to implement all i have learnt on financial fitness, since my financial predicament has some emotional baggage Pastor Hellon blessed me so much, learnt what i need to do to get out of debt and start slowly to rebuild again….it was a total blessing and i know with God their is no coincidence or luck He meant for me to go thru this series…BTW Pastor M i met you that 2nd friday and you did tell me my kids wont want to leave and you were right..Barikiwa

  4. Hi Pastor M,

    I think that your series on Financial Fittness was very powerful. My wife and I have started using this template and we are seeing it working well for us. We do however have a quick question on the template. Are the suggested percentages based on Gross income before tax or Net income after tax?

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