Financial Fitness

So there you have it… we finally wrapped up the series ‘The Dark Side Of Greatness’ this last Sunday at Mavuno. I was greatly encouraged by the life-change stories, as many gained a greater self-awareness and even more importantly, God-awareness. You can stream the sermons from here or get the complete series on CD from Mavuno’s office.

I’m completely excited about our next sermon series… ‘Exercising Your Way To Financial Fitness’. Money is one of those big life-issues that we either conquer or get conquered by. Many of us may not be in a financial crisis but may still be settling for way lower impact than God intended for us. This is going to be a practical coaching time for all of us as we learn about how to grow and manage beaucoup bucks!

Apart from the Sunday services, we’ll also be launching our first ever ‘Harvest Night Series’, a series of talks on finances held every Friday night of September. This Friday (5th), we begin with a talk by Eric Kimani, a phenomenal motivational speaker on ‘The Scarcity Mentality’. I’m looking forward to meeting Eric personally as I’ve heard great things about him and can’t wait to hear this talk. We start 6pm at the Mavuno Dome (former Bellevue Cinema). Please come and bring all your friends!

I found this quote by George Elliot that I liked… It’s never too late to be what you might have become.

Here’s to all the ‘ordinary people’ out there who have decided to live extraordinary lives!


2 responses to “Financial Fitness

  1. Hi Pastor,

    I enjoy your posts so much, and wish to one day come and hear you preach. Thanks for the link to listen in on the sermons.

    I love how churches now are teaching God’s truth together with everyday problems, and showing how God’s word is still the same, and that it has always had the answers we keep looking for in “Self Help Books” 🙂

    I wish I could come for your Harvest Nights, but Bellevue is quite far, especially with traffic in the evenings. I hope you will post short summaries of the talks.. pleaseeeeee… thank you!!

    I also pray that one of this fine days you and Pastor Oscar can do a swap, and you come and preach to us one of these exciting series you summarize here. We are currently doing a series on marriage.. Finding forever after and its so eye-opening and interesting..

    will look forward to listening to the financial fitness sermons.

    be blessed.

  2. Dear pastor M.,

    This has been an especially great season to be a Mavunite.

    As a response to the last two harvest nights, I am on my personal retreat this weekend in Kigali (decided to stay on after I finish my work on Friday to do this). Unfortunately this means that I shall miss Pastor Hellon tomorrow night. I hope I can get the CD/DVD?

    God Bless you

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