Adrenalin Junkie

It’s been a great two weeks taking it easy with the family and being away from the office. I did make one mistake that I hope not to repeat again, which was to preach during my leave! Apart from that though, I have enjoyed the last two weeks. I realize that I live such an adrenalin soaked life that it takes at least that long to slow down and feel relaxed.

It’s so easy to rush through our frantic, fast and noisy world without taking time to refuel, reflect and refocus. Too much to do, too little time, too many meetings, too many responsibilities, too many friends, too many books on the shelf we plan to read. I actually woke up this morning with a start thinking ‘help! There’s soo much to do!’ and had to ask Carol to pray for me. Her peaceful nature has a great slowing down effect on me!

With God’s help, I’m determined to keep practicing the following disciplines throughout my life…

Quiet Time – take some time every morning (when I’m not on vacation!) to give my day to God
Sabbath – take a day off each week to rest and relax. For me, that’s Mondays
Retreat – take three 2-night retreats annually to evaluate my life direction and refocus on what’s next
Vacation – take a week off three times a year (every holiday) to build family memories with our kids

In Mat.11.28-30, Jesus made an invitation: ‘Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

When we listen to God, we actually end up doing less not more. But this less is more focused on what we are meant to be doing. Here’s a great mantra for all adrenalin junkies out there: ‘It’s not busyness but effectiveness that counts’.


8 responses to “Adrenalin Junkie

  1. hi pastor

    thanks for sharing those disciplines.. I am learning that the minute/day I stop doing my Quite Time/daily devotions, especially when on holiday, it is harder for me to start all over.. so I just try (very hard) to keep at it, even if it means reading “our daily bread” for that day

    I agree about the vacation, though think that the memories are more for you, than your children 🙂 but its a really great foundation you are laying for them, because when they become adults, they too will want the same time off for their families..

    the retreat – I have to try that one for myself. I am realizing now, that the older I get (and I am not yet 30) the busier I am becoming, and sometimes things happen that I feel I have no control over, yet if I go off by myself to a quiet place, things tend to work out

    so, thank you, I will try the retreat.

    be blessed

  2. Hey Joyce, good thought about vacation quiet time. I’ll try that next time! As for the memories being for me… time will tell, but my kids really enjoyed this one. If you have a Mizizi book, check in the appendix as there’s a guideline for how to plan a personal retreat taht you may like

  3. I check this blog out every week- ok …many times every week hoping that there is a new post …. it is a nice forum to find out what is happening in my Pastors life and what your thoughts are sometimes on current issues. I also imagine I can ask questions on things I pick out in the sermons…like what are you up doing at

  4. Pastor M,
    First let me thank you for the great job you’re doing at Mavuno – I’m fascinated by the way you teach. And the pastoral blessing at the end of each service – there’s something about it that moves me…
    Anyway, I feel you on the adrenaline. Lately I’ve had so much stuff to do at the office (some self-imposed) that has kept me very busy (and very idle procrastinating) that I’ve gotten myself into an ‘adrenaline high’, such that even when I’m not particularly doing anything, I’m counting the stuff that I need to do, putting off spending quality time with God. This has happened for a while now so much so I feel like I have this backlog of “God-time”, and can never find a large block to time to compensate for the backlog, so I keep putting off “God-time”, and the cycle continues… Retreats have been suggested, but…there’s no time!
    Maybe I should adopt a deliberate schedule of “God-time” (I don’t really have a problem with the “me-time” coz I relax when I’m procrastinating and feeling busy).

    Oh yeah, the 3am thing?! Man, that’s discipline.

    Childhood memories (with family) – It’s really nice that you’re making a deliberate effort to build memories. I guess many people just take it for granted that memories are automatic. Take many pictures, print them, back em on CDs and DVDs and store them in 3 different locations away from your house. When I was about 13, our house burned down with ALL our family albums (thus a record of childhood memories), and now I can only see my baby pictures in relatives’ houses and my primary school noticeboard!

  5. I like these disciplines you have outlined in this post. If a person can find it within themselves to practice these disciplines, he or she will give better opportunity for success.

  6. Thanks for the backup tips Elsie… aargh that must have been terrible! And thanks for stopping by HD – Pst. M

  7. Pastor M

    Thanks for this. I like the last part – when we focus on God we do less but it counts for more.

    Very much in line with the all famous 80-20 principle: 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes

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