For the first time ever, Mavuno held two services this last Sunday. 9:00 and 12:00. Both went really well! It was great to hear comments from all the morning people at the 9:00 who were so glad they could be at church early and then have the rest of the day to do whatever they want to do. And then later to hear from all the not-so-morning people at the 12:00 who were oh-so-glad they could finally sleep in on a Sunday morning and come to church all relaxed!

Finally, off to the Coast this week with our kids for a much awaited vacation! We enjoyed the drive yesterday; the road’s quite good except for the strip from Daystar to Makindu, which you can evade by going through Machakos. It was the longest road trip we’ve taken so far as a family but we all held up pretty well. We’re staying with some good friends in Mombasa. Looking forward to making some great family memories!

This morning I’m counting my blessings. I thank God for my wife and kids whom I love very much. For our many good friends. For belonging to a great church. For fantastic co-workers at Mavuno. For an opportunity to be a part of what God is doing on our great continent. For the opportunity to take time off once in a while and relax.

There’s an old hymn that says, ‘Count your blessings name them one by one… and it will surprise you what the Lord has done’. Too true!


5 responses to “Blessings

  1. Hi, totally enjoy Msa. Wish i was there!
    Thanks for the last two week’s sermons, especially the one on cholerics. This has helepd me begin to understand a relationship that has gone horribly wrong. I am about to become a singe mum and feel quite inadequate and unprepared for it.

    In the youth ministry the discussion is on a fatherless nation. would i benefit from these teachings? (i am on this side of thirty so may not fit in with the crowd) Please advise.

    And hey, God bless, and give you the grace to count your blessings!

  2. Hi Pastor M?
    My name is Sheila and I recently attended Mavuno Church and was greatly Bleesed by the message you preached on bout different personalities.
    In view of the same I was wondering if there is any way you colud forward me the different personalities so that I can really understand what it was you were tackling.
    Thanks so much and may you keep up with the good work that the Almighty God has put before you.
    God Bless you richly.

  3. Hey Pastor M!

    Hope you and the family are having a ball down those sides.

    I wish my wife and I had read this earlier, we’d have avoided lots of grief on that road (lets just say we arrived home aboard an AA truck – car included).

    God Bless you and we look forward to catching up on what’s been happening @ Mavuno.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I'm finally back online after a rather restful break. Mbinya, hope you had a chance to check out Yorkhouse. Also recommend you share with one of our prayer counselors after church as it sounds like you need some prayer support right now. Sheila, check out the mavuno blog ( as it not only has the different sermons & outlines but also the temperament test. Declan… welcome back! Can't wait to catch up with the rest of the AA story!

  5. Hi, i hope you enjoyed Msa. I understand the sermons this month are awesome. I have even been classified a phleg…

    Its good to hear we now have 2 services. Yesterday i attended service in a local Singaporean church, the pastor was preaching about the story of Peter's calling at the Lake of Gennesaret, when Jesus asked him to let out the nets for a catch after a night of no catch. The nets were so full that he had to call for help. It reminded me of Mavuno, God is telling us to let down the nets.

    Be blessed & have a nice week ahead.


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