Temperamental anyone?

Wow… just finished our last sermon series at Mavuno, ‘Players of The Bible’, and Pst. Linda did a phenomenal job! It was great to see that people in biblical times faced very contemporary issues e.g. a sexual advances by the boss, using sex to get what I need etc. She did a weekly ‘talk show’ with a team of 4 panelists whose job description was to keep it real. As one lady who was visiting from another church said to me this past Sunday, ‘I still can’t believe they said such things in church!’ If you didn’t get a chance to hear it or would like to order it for a friend, the complete series should be available on CD at the Mavuno dome this coming Sunday.

Hard to believe August is already here! And with it the beginning of a new series, ‘The Dark Side of Greatness’. The plan is to explore our different temperaments, their strengths and their shadow sides. Not something I’ve heard many sermons on before. But the applications are endless. I believe it will help us all better understand ourselves and what kind of leaders we are becoming. We’ll also understand how to be better parents, bosses, employees, siblings etc. Should be interesting… And hopefully life-changing!

And speaking of temperaments, here’s a great quote for people who share mine.

“I don’t have to attend every argument I’m invited to.”

Sort of reminds me of the old Kenya one that goes, ‘Never argue with a fool… people might not notice the difference.’ I find this rather hard to do! It’s so much easier to prove to the other person how wrong they are and how right I am. That I too am an intelligent human being. With a valid and educated opinion. But by God’s grace, I’m learning to pick my fights wisely: To ask ‘what is really at stake here?’ And to know that when I’m truly secure in who I am, it’s not a sign of weakness to choose to walk away. Can you guess what temperament I am?

Have a great week!


6 responses to “Temperamental anyone?

  1. It was a great sermon. Our God is a great God. He wired us for a specific function and purpose on earth. Many African men have been brought up to believe that a man has to be ‘tough’ and domineering, even if it goes against his character. The devil is a liar! Thanks Pastor M for enlightening our brothers/fathers/husbands on this issue. I now understand my biological father better. – Shiko Kirubi

  2. A friend of mine, young lady of say 24/25 years of age and not born againwas given the CD with the “Players of the Bible” message. Had a great impact on her and she posted summary notes on her FaceBook. The reactions are responses are hitting 30 and still counting. I’ll get myself the full message pack. Yesterday my wife and I, together with a peer accountability couple, watched “Why did I get married?” by Tyler Perry. Similar lines and powerful lessons. May God continue to bless Mavuno and the work of your hands, Pastor M.

  3. Good stuff Shiko. We men truly have issues!

    C double O, that was a good movie and we enjoyed it very much! Another great one if you like that kind of movie is ‘The Story of Us’ with Bruce Willis/Michelle Pfeifer. I’d love to check out your friends face book page and see what people said. Pls send me her url

  4. Its a great teaching,not a sermon. I am a succesfull guy in whatever projects i do. my hardwork and achiving things made people to fear me.I know my positive and negative before but i dont know how to come out of it,pastor has shown how to be gentle with the blessing of our lord jesus christ.
    I always have that guilt feeling that i didnt give much importance to my mother,sister and to my friends who love me more.
    my young son now 12,when he was 3,4 years old he wanted me to spend time with me,i didnt give much importance and bussy building my career and success, i really feel very guilty that i have hurt a small child feeling, this guilt feeling is deep in my heart for the last 5 years
    I strongly belive if people dont change there attitude, thinking and if they dont practce,what ever prayer you do and read bible you will not see anything,you can see regular church goer still in poverty.thks for Pastors M’specl effort making people realise what is blocking the blessing from our lord.

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