Meet Joe Black

Brushed up my eulogy yesterday… yep, that’s right. The way I figure it, preparation is almost never a bad thing. I’ve spend gobs of time during my lifetime preparing for my career, my wedding, my retirement etc. But none of those is (or was at the time anyway) a certainty. You know the saying thought, that there are two things in life that are certain; death and taxes. With a good tax-consultant, you can avoid the latter category some (with a bad one even evade it, though at considerable personal risk). But no one has yet figured out how to cheat Joe Black.

And so I opened the doc and revised it. Changed the songs I want sang… Changed who I want to read the vote of thanks… Changed the title of my eulogy… Ok, I know; all this sounds a trifle bit controlling! I didn’t write the sermon or the eulogy though (even though I was tempted J) And I didn’t define when people should applaud, gently wipe a tear or say ‘aaaahhh’ in appreciation. I figure I might as well live my life in such a way that those who speak will say the kind of things I hope they will.

I guess all this sounds rather morbid. And decidedly un-African. But life is not a rehearsal. We need to live every day like it’s our last: Because it might very well be. And like someone whom I can’t remember just now once said, ‘when it’s time to die, make sure the only thing you’ve got left to do is die’.

I love the way the bible puts it… ‘You learn more at a funeral than at a feast – After all, that’s where we’ll all end up. We might discover something from it’ (Ecclesiastes 7:2)

What you think you own is simply yours on loan. You were made by God and for God and life won’t make sense until you discover and live out why.


4 responses to “Meet Joe Black

  1. wow! Meet Joe Black.. that was a spooky movie..

    but for you.. talk about being prepared for the end! to the hymns! you won’t even hear them!! I remember my father also trying to do the same, but all people remembered is where he said he wanted to be buried.. all the stories were forgotten 😦
    but we remembered them for the first memorial, and had such a grand time it wasn’t (that) sad

    but I pray you will be around much much longer.. living to see your great grandchildren.

    be blessed!

  2. …Pst M, why write your eulogy? I know you love preparing for everything lakini eulogy writing is left for those who would be alive to kumbuka you. In my opinion; its a waste of time and you would do better by throwing it away.

    The greatest eulogy is the impact you leave by living a life of God’s purposes as reflected in your relationship with Caro and the kids as well as your assignment in Mavuno.

  3. Good stuff nic, but you know what… you and I are not saying something too different. It’s just that I believe its easier to hit your target when you define it clearly. Writing down what you want to be remembered for gives you a reference point to evaluate your everyday choices…

    And joyce, one of my goals is to live in such a way that there’ll be no surprises for those I leave behind! Thanks for the prayers… I’d love to see those grandkids!

  4. Pastor M

    I know we’re not supposed to use the sermons to analyse people, but writing your own eulogy is the HEIGHT of planning (I won’t say what temperament that is because that’s what I shouldn’t do, right?)

    I love this post … I just came across your blog, and it’s my favourite one so far.

    I’m doing a speaking project that requires me to write a eulogy/speak in praise of someone, so if I get around to doing it soon enough, I think I’ll take steps in the direction of my eulogy.

    You’re right about our lives being on loan. It’s a good thing God doesn’t require us to make interest payments!

    I think that’s why it’s important to be the best that we can be …

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