Building Character Muscle

Well, the dust finally settles and life finally slows down enough for me to blog again. A great launch service two Sundays ago at the Mavuno Dome; I’m glad we’re finally over that hurdle. Now if only life could settle down for a nice long time without any challenges or stretching experiences. Yeah, right.

James 1:3-4 says ‘when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be strong in character and ready for anything’ The sad (for me at least) fact is that the old gym axiom continues to hold true… ‘no pain, no gain’. The reward for good work is more work. Conquering one peak only prepares you to scale the next one. All the weights in the character gym seem to be made out of two materials; tests and tribulations!

Well, my consolation in all this is that I’m learning to enjoy the valleys. The in-between times. To stop enough to celebrate the victories, to count my blessings, to high-five my team-mates, to enjoy my wife, to sit with my kids, and to learn from my mistakes…

So… let it grow!


2 responses to “Building Character Muscle

  1. It is easy for people to ask God for Annointing and the rest… However when it comes to Character, this is a hard place. It has been said, “Annointing can take you places but it is Character that wll keep you there.”
    Another of my mentors told me ” Like a pill, so is the formation of Character in ones life. It may be bitter but it makes you healthy.” Lets allow God to mould Christlike Character in us.
    Hang on in there when He is doing it. The outcome is God glorifying.

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