Msafara Conclusion

The last day in Kisumu was as awesome as the rest had been. We had a special service for the 300 wasafiri at the new NCCK guest house where we were staying (a really nice facility by the way, if you’re ever in Kisumu). Had an opportunity to hear testimonies from many wasafiri about their experiences. Many shared how their lives had been changed by Msafira, including several who talked about how their own prejudices had been confronted by God and how they had learnt to love people from communities they had struggled to accept. Service lasted three and a half hours but could have gone on for two more… that’s how gripping the stories were. Had to cut short because it was time for lunch though! Before we ended, we shared Holy Communion as a sign of the unity God calls us all to – as people from different denominations, generations and tribes.

In the afternoon, our final service in Kisumu. A much larger crowd than before. The former mayor and now present MP of Kisumu attended. We prayed for a new beginning for Kisumu, Nyanza and the whole country. It was a great thing to see Christian leaders of various tribes on the platform: A visible representation of the church’s important role in modeling unity in our diversity. Archbishop Ajwoga, an elderly and much respected local leader, spoke powerful about how church leaders had failed by taking political sides during the election period. Bishop Njiri gave a great message as usual.

Got to say one more time – one of the things I love about the culture in this westernmost part of our country is how well people know how to celebrate and dance. I have seldom enjoyed a worship time more! My hat off to the praise band that led us the whole time we were there.


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